Government Legislation allowing larger single-storey rear extensions to be built under permitted development rules has been laid before Parliament and will come into force on 30 May 2013 and run until 30 May 2016. 

The legislation will allow extensions beyond the rear wall of the original dwelling (or as it was on 1 July 1948) to be increased to  8 metres in the case of a detached dwelling, or 6 metres in the case of any other dwelling.  Extensions beyond the previous legislation of 4 meters for a detached dwelling, 3 meters for any other dwelling and that of the new legislation will be subject to a neighbour consultation scheme.

Although not requiring full planning permission the home owner must contact their Local Planning Authority with regard to their proposal and allow the immediate neighbours the opportunity to object should they wish to do so.

The proposed extension cannot be started until one of the occurrence below occur:

1 – receiving a written notice from the Local Planning Authority that their prior approval is not required;

2 –  receiving a written notice from the Local Planning Authority giving their prior approval; or

3 –  the expiry of 42 days following the date on which the Local Planning Authority received the information from the home owner regarding the proposed extension without the Local Planning Authority notifying the home owner as to whether prior approval is given or refused.

Katherine Gray, Senior Land Negtiator

Once one of these permissions has been granted any homeowner can add to the ground floor of their property, enhancing living space and potentially adding to the value of the property.

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