Ed Mackenzie SmithWhether it’s me getting older, or slower, I feel like we are all working harder than ever.

It does not help with so much negative press coverage on the dreaded B word. However, both my Managing Director, Steve Tetlow, and I have been reviewing our year to date results carefully, and in all key disciplines we’re about 12% ahead of the same period last year.

I think that if you ask anyone thinking about selling or buying property in this market, they would probably comment that it is tougher than last year. So, the perception and reality are out of kilt. It is up to us, as industry professionals, to get the message out there; that there is a market with a healthy demand.

For buyers, I think that this will prove to be a great time to get into the market, whilst there is better choice at competitive pricing. For sellers, I’d tend to advise to look at the difference between what you sell and buy, rather than getting just fixing on the price you want to sell for.

At Mackenzie Smith, we’ve seen most markets over the years and have consistently adapted to continue to deliver the results that all of our clients require.

If you are selling, buying or just need advice, feel free to contact either myself or any of my colleagues.