The way buyers see property determines more than ever the importance of getting asking prices right.

More and more buyers communicate through the web in that they use our website and portal sites to check out what they think could be of interest to them. If they don’t like what they see they move on and do not always give a property that may well have considered an offer a chance. Prior to the internet as Agents we would have received a call and could have communicated more information than any advert. This means that in current market conditions the correct asking price must be used in order to secure an offer in a reasonable time frame.

I would say that at least 95% of our enquiries are via the internet whether that is through email, our website or any other electronic communication. This means our marketing has to be spot on in terms of how we present the brochure, advertising, web positioning and this also means pricing.

Intelligently marketed property includes a correct and accurate approach to valuation backed up by experience, market intelligence and a range of other valuation methods.

The good news is that when this approach is adopted we often secure the full asking price or close to it.

Ed Mackenzie Smith