Home sweet home, wooden text on vintage board background with coIt’s the place we eat, we laugh, make a mess and gather as a family, it is of course the kitchen.  The kitchen is quite rightly, the heart of every home and a room we could not live without.  The kitchen brings the family together and with this in mind we have the perfect recipe for you to create a comfortable social space that your family and guests can enjoy and even be inspired by.

Sociable, practical, versatile and style,  top the list of demands from our kitchens.  This comes as no surprise as the kitchen is the most commonly used room of the house.  No matter what your lifestyle, whether you have a busy family or are living on your own, it is the first stop for us as we enter the home, to quickly grab a bite to eat, pop the kettle on or just a sneaky rummage in the fridge.  So it is no wonder we want to return home to a comfortable and stylish space where we can relax with a drink and good company.  Particularly with today’s busy lifestyles, style and functionality are quite high up on our list of demands.

So when your guests come over, you will surely want to wow them with the style factor of your kitchen. Here are some simple tips and some food for thought, to create a stunning living space.  

20160426_101851Simple Can Go A Long Way

It is true for most things, keep it simple and crisp and you will instantly create a designer finish.  So first things first, step back and cast a critical eye over your kitchen, do you really need everything you have on your display?  Decluttering your worktops will instantly freshen the room, creating clean crisp lines and a chic minimalist look.  We do look for everyday convenience which is why we tend to leave more than what we need on our worktops.

Infuse an Air of Radiance

A light and airy living area instantly creates a comfortable ambience and a relaxing environment for everyone to enjoy.  So think about the natural light that your kitchen draws and how to make the most of it.  Take down obstructions and open out the space to really bring in the natural light.  You could even make clever use of lighting to set the mood of day and evening get-togethers.  Feature lights is a practical way to enhance the light and airy feel of the space, whilst also forming a focal feature for the room.  For example, oversized lights over the dining table or breakfast bar, or even candles can create a welcoming ambience and cosy atmosphere whilst presenting a striking design feature to zone the space.

Limit Your Palette

Current trends for the kitchen veer towards natural tones and earthy colours that reflect the outdoor environment.  Probably as many of us have kitchens that open onto the patio or look over the garden creating a fusion with the outdoor space for a larger living area.  Light tones and chalky colours, such as sage also help create a light and airy feel to a room whilst also making the room feel bigger.  Pick one colour and accent it around the room, keeping everything else simple.  This will instantly create a designer finish and whilst unifying the space allow you to zone the living areas.  For instance, use the colour of your kitchen unit doors or tiles, as the tone of the feature wall within the dining area.  The continuation of styling combines the living areas and helps create some definition.  You don’t have to go as bold as painting a feature wall, using a table runner, soft furnishings or even a collection candles and vases will have a similar effect.

10 Plot 3 Kitchen breakfast ConservatoryA Touch of Luxury

We are naturally drawn to the feel of objects, such as soft cushions and rugs.  Use texture within the room to create a luxurious feel.  Contrasting textures can have an instant style effect, more so than a bold colour whilst bringing upon a designer finish.  The combination of metallic finishes alongside, natural earthy tones, cool polished work surfaces and cosy soft furnishings can be visually appealing with a touch of elegance, as long as you ensure you maintain one palette of colours throughout which will bring the look together.  I am sure you would jump at the chance to update your kitchen with new work surfaces or doors just to update the space.  But if you are on a budget, using chunky wood or polished marble chopping boards is a simply way to add texture and have a design impact.

Clever Arrangements

Zoning areas can also help create a natural flow through the living space, which is particularly important to consider when you are entertaining.  In effect, you want to guide your guests through your home and allow them to feel comfortable.  Most of us opt for open plan living and dining, for which furnishings will automatically zone the seating space and dining area.  Giving some thought to the positioning of the furniture can pay off as you want to interact with your guests whilst in the kitchen area so try shuffling the furniture around and seeing what would work best for you.

Statement Furnishings

Whilst we cannot instantly update the larger furnishings around our home, we can always use decorative items to make a style statement and form focal features.  We spoke about lighting earlier, but other items such as oversized vases, candles, candelabras or if you are able to investing in an oversized dining table can make a significant impact to a room.  Fill your vase with colourful beads from your accent palette to make it a statement feature, or use the oversized dining table with benches and soft furnishings for guests to relax around after they have eaten.  The key is to add a touch of playfulness to the room with statement pieces that you want to draw attention to and may even become talking points throughout the evening inspiring your guests to try them themselves.

Essentially this is what entertaining is about, fun and joyfulness, which if we can bring about with style and elegance makes it all the better.  These are just a few pointers to help you uplift your home, why not take inspiration from show homes, which you could imitate or adapt to suit the style of your home. 

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