Winter chills and seasonal festivities can distract many in the world of property selling, but there’s still plenty of buying and selling in the world of property, at the end of the day, we all need somewhere to live! We’ve put together our top tips for selling during the winter months.

Selling a home during winter does pose a few challenges, namely the grey, cold and wet weather, which understandably doesn’t make your home look its best. Unfortunately, the British weather is beyond anyone’s control, but if you were to take a look on the bright side, your neighbouring properties and, in fact, the rest of the UK, will be facing with the same problem. Effectively, we are all in the same boat, but you can still get a competitive edge over the others by getting your home to look its best.

With 25 years in the property industry, here are a few trade secrets to get your home looking its best for buyers and to make viewings really count.

Make first impressions count

The first aspect of your property a buyer will see is the front, from the online listing to an actual viewing. So taking a few moments to focus on the frontage can really pay off and make the buyer want to walk into your home. As they say, first impressions count! This doesn’t require a vast investment of time or money, all it takes is to consider the finer details, such as clearing the path to the entrance, removing fallen leaves, gritting the path if there is a risk of snow, and if it’s raining, consider putting a rubber mat or container by the front door, to hold wet umbrellas and shoes. You could even invest in some evergreen planters to add a splash of colour. These minor details will get your home looking its best, but also leave the impression that this attention to detail will continue through the home.

Light and airy

Light and airy homes appeal to buyers, which the shorter days and grey weather make a hard task to achieve. The focus here would be making the most of what we have and supplement the absent sun with some ambient lighting. This will actually work a treat, triggering the visual senses to create a positive mood and welcoming atmosphere. The first step would be to draw plenty of natural light, by putting up the blinds, opening the shutters or pushing back the drapes on every window. Turn all the lights on, adding additional floor lights and maybe even some candles to brighten up the spaces further.

Warm  and inviting

There is no doubt about it, the winter chills are here. So, crank up the heat to create a warm and inviting home where buyers will feel at ease instantly. Getting the balance right is important here, as it could trigger buyers to linger for longer within the comfortable and warm shelter. It’s also the best time to take advantage of a fireplace which will usually form the welcoming focal feature of any living area.

Brighten up the home

Try to present your home in its best light by polishing and cleaning to leave it sparkly bright. You could even invest in a professional clean, but the obvious things to cover would be clearing out the cobwebs, polishing and dusting mirrors, frames and furniture, to give an impression of a well-kept home. Opt for softer shades when it comes home accessories and soft furnishings, such as duvet covers and curtains, to create a lighter ambience over the season.

Trigger the senses

Senses hugely trigger our perceptions, which is why tapping into the buyer’s senses can be hugely impactful. Using our above ideas to create light and warmth, we have already covered two, sight and touch, but you could add another into the mix, the sense of smell. Smell is unavoidably triggered so can be a powerful tool to encourage prospective buyers to remain in the home, all the while prompting nostalgia or positive perceptions. Commonly, coffee or baking are perceived to be the most homely smells, but why not make the most of the festivities with seasonal scents of cinnamon or orange. If you want to go the extra mile, you could bake some gingerbread cookies and leave them as an extra treat for viewings. 

Create the ultimate tour

If there are specific features around the home you would really like to draw attention to, ensure you discuss them with the agent, but you could also attach printed cards to items of particular interest, detailing the item’s history or age by using printed notes or cards. This will be a subtle way to inform buyers of recently replaced appliances, integrated kitchen fittings, or even detailing the history behind antique, characterful fittings. This will allow the buyer to wander around the home in their own time, while also ensuring you are highlighting all the individual features of your home.

Enchanting outdoor spaces

The wet and stormy weather will mean your garden is probably not at its best right now, lacking fresh shades and floral interest of the summer. If you are having viewings late in the day, the buyer may not even get to have a good look at the garden, sometimes proving a downfall. While the obvious choice would be to arrange viewings during the days, it is not always doable, so let’s work around this. Firstly, invest in some outdoor lighting if you don’t have any. Solar outdoor lights will be a great option here, being easy to install and highly cost-effective, you could use them anywhere too, such as pathways to the entrance and around the garden. Additional structures, such as bird feeders or freestanding pots with herbs and plants, can also add interest.

As a conscientious agent, we will always ensure your home is presented in its best light when accompanying viewings, but if you would like to know more about what we can offer, contact your local branch.

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