25% more sales than 2019

July 02, 2020

Having been open for just over 7 weeks now, it’s wonderful to see such a positive “comeback” for the property industry, long may it continue.

To put the current situation into some sort of context, we have compared our June results
to that of June 2019, with some interesting observations…

In the past month, more people have invited us to value their home than in June 2019, we’ve subsequently introduced 16% more homes to the market in the same time frame.

Not only are there more homes coming to the market, but significantly more are being sold.
Last month alone, we arranged sales (stc) on 25% more properties than June 2019. Whilst we anticipated it to be higher given the current “buzz”, this exceeded all of our expectations.

Looking at our own buyer activity, June experienced a rise in 38% more applicants than the same time last year, but understandably 20% less viewings for obvious reasons. With more sales being agreed it shows that the buyers looking to move know what they are looking for and are keen to act fast.

To make the most of the current spike in buyer activity and the opportunities that the current market holds, please do get in touch with your local branch, we’ll be happy to assist.

For details of how we are operating within the covid guidelines, click here.

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