fanWhilst this isn’t advice you’ll need for long in Britain, when temperatures peak we’re not always the best equipped. This isn’t entirely surprising when you consider how often we have to worry about the heat.

With this summer heatwave continuing into a new week, we’ve compiled some top tips on how to keep yourself, and your home, cool during the hotter days and nights. Hopefully these will help you get a comfortable night’s sleep.

Keep the curtains closed

Whilst it can be so tempting to take in the sunnier days by opening the curtains and windows, this will increase the temperature of your home. Even with the windows closed, 30% of the heat in a room will generate from a window, so if you can keep this out during the day, you’ll have a much cooler climate to enjoy.

Create the best air flow

To create a temperature that will remain comfortable through the day and night, you’re best to keep the house closed during the day, but ensuring internally all doors are open to avoid any one room getting over heated. Evenings are the best time to open the windows to allow for the cooler air to fill the home.

Create an ice cold breeze

If you have a fan in the home, you can optimise the air distribution by filling a mixing bowl with ice and placing it in front of the fan. As the ice melts, the air will be cooler.

Lazy days

If you have chore to do, they are best done in the evenings. Not only to keep your core temperature down, but the appliances we use give off heat. Washing up, dishwashers, washing machines, hoovers etc will all generate heat. It’s also advisable to avoid cooking, (perfect excuse!) perhaps opt for cold foods or a bbq instead as unsurprisingly, ovens and hobs will add heat to your home. However, one appliance you could turn on is an extractor fan, whether it’s in the kitchen or bathroom, after cooking or a shower you could leave these on for a little longer to help fully eradicate any excess steam.

Take a cold shower

Whilst the thought of this is a bit horrifying, it will cool you down. An ideal bedtime strategy.


We all need to drink plenty of H20 in the heat, but if you make sure you drink a good amount before bed, your internal temperature will be lower and you’ll be fully hydrated, resulting in a more peaceful night’s sleep.

Change your bed linen

If you have cotton sheets, now is the time to use them. Changing sheets will help to send you off for a good night’s sleep and fabrics like cotton will be more breathable.

Refrigerated linen

Along with changing the sheets, a little trick is to fold them into a bag and place in the fridge during the day, this will mean they’re nice and cold for the evening. A short lived benefit but one which may help you drift off that bit easier.

A hot water bottle

It may seem crazy but now is the time for a hot water bottle. Instead of filling with hot water, fill from the tap and pop in the freezer. This will help chill the bed.

Time for a bit of DIY… with rice

This is a bit of an odd one… but fill a sock with rice, tie off at the end and place in the freezer for an hour or so before bedtime. Place this in a pillow or under it and you’ll have 30 mins or so of a cold compress.


We’ll enjoy this weather as long as it lasts, but there’s no need to suffer. Hopefully one of our top tips will help…