gardeningWith a few bank holidays on the horizon and the summer weather easing in, you might be considering spending a bit more time in the garden.

The garden can be a wonderful place to relax, whether it’s sitting back with a good book and glass of wine, sparking up a BBQ, planting some new flowers or creating a space that’s truly yours.

Bank holidays are an ideal time for some DIY, and we thought, with the summer nearly upon us, it’s the perfect time to consider some alterations to your garden haven. We’ve put together a list of 10 to give you a bit of inspiration this spring.



Spruce up the fencing

The winter months can bring a bit of wear and tear to the outdoor grounds of your home, in particular to fence panels and gates. Whether you’ve seen some damage from a storm or they could do with a fresh lease of life, a lick of paint or wood stain will completely transform the space, requiring minimum effort and cost.

Add a bit of lighting

lightingThe garden can be a great place to enjoy the sun, but as the evenings become warmer, what could be more peaceful than sitting out under the stars? By adding a bit of lighting to your garden you could create a space suitable for daytime and nighttime. Whether you opt for some fairy lights for the trees, perhaps some lanterns, or something more substantial in the way of solar lamps or wall mounted lights. Whatever your budget, there are a range of choices available.

A bit of décor

Just because you’re outside, doesn’t mean  you can’t decorate the place. How about mounting some outdoor durable artwork? Metal signs are all the rage, a road sign or some mounted ceramic plates would be an artistic addition to the space.

Grow your own

garden 2You don’t need masses of space to grow your own veg and herbs. A small herb box can be grown on a balcony, whilst vegetable trugs can be found in a variety of shops, including this one found in Tesco. Allowing you to grow your own produce to enjoy whilst keeping your garden modern and unaffected.

Set some boundaries

If you’ve been carefully creating some planted beds or areas of interest, why not add a stone verge or wooden border? This inexpensive activity can turn a loved garden into a landscaped wonder.

A bit of reflection

Do you have a small garden? Or perhaps a corner of garden that is left unused? There’s a simple solution… a mirror! If you have a wall, a mounted mirror will have the same impact as it would indoors, maximising the light and space. No wall? No problem. Simply stand a full length mirror as a feature. The best thing is you don’t even have to buy brand new, it will get weathered so a charity shop or car boot sale could unearth some treasure.

Upcycled planters

garden 4Garden accessories don’t have to cost the earth (pardon the pun), you may find you already have the key ingredients, that with a little bit of imagination and TLC, will offer up a transformed garden planter. These upcycled drawers are full of character and would certainly draw the eye. (sorry again)

Refresh your furniture

Similarly to the garden fences, garden furniture, unless stored properly, might not seem as appealing as it did last summer.

A simple lick of paint, ensuring that it is suitable for the material, would transform any item. You could incorporate a bold new colour scheme as a real infusion of character. If that sounds a bit too involved, perhaps some new cushions or seat pads would do the trick. Again, this is an ideal place to add a bit of colour, it is summer after all!

Make your own bird feeder

garden 1You really don’t need to spend all your money on transforming your garden, instead, how about spending a bit of time. This cute cup and saucer bird feeder would take minimal time and effort and without sounding too ‘Blue Peter’, could be made from items you’ll easily find at home, or at the very least, from a charity shop.

Turn your shed into a summer house

If you have a shed, perhaps inherited or unused, what about turning it into your very own summer house? This could be an ongoing project. Start with some white shed paint for the outside and inside, to create a bright and welcoming space. Then add some furnishings as you go… some comfy chairs, a rug, perhaps even a bar area or games unit.  Whilst it might take a little more time than the rest, it would create a space that’s long lasting and no longer wasted.


Hopefully that’s given you a few ideas to get going. However, if you’d like a completely new garden, we can certainly help you there. We have a range of homes with a varied choice of outdoor spaces. Visit or contact your local branch for further details.

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