Willow Meadows: a welcome place to call home

April 23, 2021

Willow Meadows, the latest development from Vanderbilt Homes in Ash Green, Surrey, has welcomed a number of new homeowners to the exclusive, tree-lined community. With just a few homes remaining, we spoke to new resident, Max Stone, to find out why he chose Willow Meadows for his new home.

Max moved into Willow Meadows about one month ago, “the location and home is really nice, I’ve not got any direct neighbours yet, but we’re already very happy here.”

Max didn’t have to move far, relocating from just down the road in neighbouring Farnham. “For us, it was really important to stay local. Willow Meadows was actually just outside our search radius on Rightmove, but having exhausted the options in Farnham and Tongham, we expanded the area settings and were pleasantly surprised to find Willow Meadows.”

Moving to a new house wasn’t actually an immediate need for Max and his partner, but with the stamp duty savings and looming deadline of the previous Help to Buy scheme (where existing homeowners could benefit from the 20% equity loan), the opportunity provided the perfect timing.

With their search determined by local new build availability, Max and his partner had plenty of choice in the immediate vicinity, but Willow Meadows stood out from the crowd.

“When we decided to move, we needed to make sure it was a step up, rather than sideways. We’d been really fortunate in our first home to find somewhere with plenty of space and nice finishes, so our search was really narrowed by our expectations and want for something bigger and better.

When we first found Willow Meadows, the prices were above our initial budget, but having dismissed the other local developments, we picked up the phone to Ann, the on-site sales advisor, who was amazing. We asked her why the prices were elevated in comparison to other homes which, online, might have come across as more or less the same. Her response was to come and view, and she was absolutely right. As soon as we arrived at the site, we realised how nice it is. The homes at Willow Meadows aren’t on top of each other, something you come to expect with a lot of the larger developments. The space, both in the development and in each home, really shone through.”

Vanderbilt Homes is a reputable regional developer, with bespoke builds and a relentless focus on quality.

“We realised, quite quickly, that there was a clear benefit to buying from a smaller developer in comparison to the national home builders – you get a lot more for your money when it comes to the size of the property. The home is a million times better in comparison, and whilst the initial purchase price was higher, in the long run it’s financially more viable, as it’s been done so well.

The fittings and finishings are also a lot better, you really notice the difference in comparison to what you might expect from a new build, the general build quality is simply better. The level of finish isn’t classed as an upgrade either. I personally found it really frustrating when viewing at other sites that the house wasn’t, in reality, ready to move into. You needed to choose the floor, turf the garden… it felt a bit overwhelming and if I’m honest, like too much effort. At Willow Meadows our home was ready to move into from day one, it made our life so much easier, particularly as we both found ourselves working from home – it needed to be a seamless transition, which it was!”

“New builds get bad press, but what I’ve experienced with Vanderbilt Homes is much better. You hear all sorts of horror stories with snag lists, but with us, it was clear that everything had been picked up and quality checked before our move in date. If it was anything other than a great experience, I would certainly say, but it’s a great product. My Dad is a carpenter, with extremely high standards, and he hasn’t got a bad word to say, that’s praise in itself.”

Vanderbilt Homes’ vision is to “put exceptional quality at the heart of every home” and it’s clear from this buyer’s experience, they have delivered just that. But when it comes to service, they’re just as good…

“They’ve been absolutely perfect. I was really impressed by the Site Manager, and any time we need her, Ann, the sales consultant, is on the phone straight away.”

If you’re looking for a new home, in a stunning Surrey location, view Willow Meadows today, by appointment. Let’s find Max some neighbours…

To arrange a viewing or to find out more, click here or contact our Ash Vale branch on (01252) 353030, ashvale@mackenziesmith.co.uk.

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