Top tips for moving house over Christmas

December 07, 2022

If you’re all ready for a new home this Christmas, see our top tips to help you move…

Plan your move step by step

With Christmas shopping, parties and meals, there’s plenty to do this time of year, so it’s best to plan your move step by step. Plan each day with the time you have available, remembering to arrange space on the calendar for your usual festive activities.

The moving day

Give yourself plenty of time for the house move. If you can, it will help to have a few days or more between leaving your old home and moving in to the new one. This allows you to pace your move, rather than moving all your belongings at once, and creates extra time for anything unexpected.

Pre-move preparations

It’s said that you can never have too many boxes for a move! If you haven’t already done so, start collecting boxes, bubble wrap and newspapers as soon as you can. You’ll be amazed how much you can gather, especially if you ask friends and family for help! However, if you struggle to find boxes, try asking your local supermarket if they have any available.

Clear out any items you no longer need in advance, so there’s less to take with you when you leave. You may wish to check whether your chosen charity shops are accepting donations, and book a slot for waste disposal. Avoid slip hazards on the moving day, by clearing any ice, snow or debris from paths and driveways, too.

If you can start packing early, all the better. Put away items you don’t use much first. Label the side and tops of boxes in large letters with a marker pen, using room names so you know exactly where to place them on arrival.

Remember to leave the tea and coffee for packing until last, so you can enjoy a welcome cuppa on the day!

Utilities and banks

Make utilities, banks, phone, and internet providers aware of when you’re moving, and the new address. This will help ensure private post is delivered to you, and that your meter billing is all correct.

You’ll obviously need power for festive cooking, and to keep you warm. Plus, you’ll want to see your favourite Christmas television, and perhaps our King’s first Christmas Speech.

All in all, we hope you have a good move, and a fantastic Christmas in your new home!

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