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July 29, 2020

There has been an array of new rules and regulations implemented across the UK over recent months; and the evolution of Planning Policy is no different.

It was announced by Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick last week (21st July 2020) that new laws, which will come into effect by September 2020, will help deliver new homes across England.  A variety of measures will be introduced which will mean full planning applications will not be required in all instances for the purposes of demolishing and rebuilding unused buildings as homes and repurposing commercial and retail properties.

Of particular interest for homeowners and prospective purchasers is that Homeowners will also be able to add up to 2 additional storeys to their home to create new homes or more living space for growing families through a fast track approval process, with a requirement to carefully consider the impact on neighbours and the appearance of the extension.’

Housing Secretary Rt Hon Robert Jenrick MP said:

 ‘We are reforming the planning system and cutting out unnecessary bureaucracy to give small business owners the freedom they need to adapt and evolve, and to renew our town centres with new enterprises and more housing.’

 ‘These changes will help transform boarded up, unused buildings safely into high-quality homes at the heart of their communities. It will mean that families can add up to 2 storeys to their home, providing much needed additional space for children or elderly relatives as their household grows.’

The detail of these laws will need to be reviewed, but the reduction of ‘red tape’ for homeowners is likely to be viewed as a positive step.

For the full government guidance and news visit here.

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