Proud sponsors of Fleet Half Marathon

March 23, 2023

We are proud to once again sponsor the Fleet Half Marathon, taking place this Sunday, 26th March 2023.

Each year, this landmark race returns to Fleet, with thousands of runners taking to the streets of Fleet and Church Crookham. Some will be running for charity, others for personal achievement, and many for a ‘warm-up’ to the London Marathon, taking place just a few weeks later on 23rd April.

Mackenzie Smith has long been established with this fantastic local event. Organised solely by volunteers, the community comes together to cheer on the race runners. Following 2 years of covid cancellations, this hotly awaited event returned last year, and we’re looking forward to another successful race this weekend.

Witnessing local residents of Fleet and the surrounding villages showing support for the runners is truly heartwarming. It creates a positive and uplifting atmosphere that motivates the participants to push through and reach their goals.

Even for the fittest of individuals, completing a half marathon (13.1 miles) is no easy feat. To show support for the runners, the race organisers print their names on their numbers. So, if you see someone who could use a boost, calling out their name and cheering them on could make all the difference in keeping them motivated.

The runners themselves have praised the Fleet Half Marathon for the exceptional support they receive from the crowds. It’s what makes this race so special and why the participants keep returning year after year. Your encouragement and support really do make a significant difference.

Adding to the already electric atmosphere, why not adorn your homes and businesses with bunting or flags? Playing some music and cheering on the runners as they pass by can make their experience even more enjoyable. Some runners may appear serious and focused, while others may be laughing and smiling. Regardless of their demeanor, they’ll all hear you and appreciate your support.

For 2023 to further minimise disruption for local residents with road closures, the race start time will be 10am. This earlier start time was introduced in 2022 and has proved to be beneficial. In addition, the course has been reviewed and changed with Hampshire Highways. You can find all road closure details, here.

We are always happy to sponsor this volunteer-led event and proud to support our local community.

If you’re a local school, group, or charitable organisation looking for sponsorship, please email

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