Planning your garden makeover

May 24, 2022

With The RHS Chelsea Flower Show returning, have you taken inspiration to transform your own garden?

A great starting point for a garden makeover is to decide what elements you need, and then plan your use of space accordingly.

Sometimes simple space is what you really need when the temptation is to cram features in. A clear view to the end of the garden will likely enhance your sense of freedom, whilst room for children to play is essential if you have little ones running around.

Entertaining areas

Attractive landscaped patio, shingle, and decking areas are ideal for entertaining and al fresco dining. Within a well-designed garden, they can also work seamlessly together. Meandering shingle pathways threading through wildflower gardens can add a sense of intrigue.

With smaller gardens, an expanse of patio, or decking alongside the lawn, increasing the sense of space may be preferable. Create interest and retain more social activity space with an array of border plantings. A pathway to the rear gate can also add convenience.

Bonus features

Adding a built-in barbecue or pizza oven to your entertaining area is always a real novelty, especially if you are King or Queen of the barbecue!

Create eye-catching interest for adults and children alike with a water feature or fishpond. This is also a good source for any birds, bees, and hedgehogs visiting your garden.

For a sense of seclusion and a romantic hideaway, add a pergola where you can immerse yourself within trailing vines.

The garden shed

A good-sized shed is a great answer to storage issues. Ideal for hiding away garden and household clutter! A shed is best tucked away in a convenient spot, at the back or side of the garden.

A summer house

Perhaps you’d like to go one-step further and add a versatile outbuilding. Excellent for extra entertaining space and storage, you could enjoy a summer house, create an office, or even a guest room. You might like to add a touch of glamour, with your own bar or sauna, perfect to unwind in, and an opportunity to add some extra value to your property!


Hedgerow, trees, a variety of plantings, and vegetable plots are all rewarding additions for the green-fingered gardener to enjoy. Given time to grow, tree-lined or hedgerow borders will enhance your privacy and offer a great backdrop.

If you don’t have much time for gardening, choose varieties of flowers which suit the tending you are happy to do. For example, most perennials will grow back by themselves every year, whilst pompom flowers such as Dahlias may need the roots digging up in autumn to avoid being eaten by slugs. There are options for all, depending on the level of maintenance you can offer!

Adding value to your garden

If you are enhancing your garden to help sell your home, the best option is often to present a blank canvas for buyers to picture their ideas.
General maintenance is the key. Secure fences and gates for all-important privacy and security, remove garden waste, trim back unruly hedges, and perhaps jet-wash the patio and decking areas.

Popular elements that are currently adding value to a garden are patio space, followed by decking, and possibly most important of all, the humble garden shed!

However, making changes does not necessarily add value to your property, so feel free to contact your local branch for advice.

Main photo from Derry Cottage

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