Peak in Lettings Demand

March 24, 2022

Growth in the private rental market has boomed since the turn of the millennium. The number of private rental homes in the UK more than doubled by 2021. But is the trend set to continue?

Superb opportunities exist for landlords in the current lettings market, with circumstances increasingly optimal.

Competition amongst potential tenants is at record highs for each listing. Demand is far exceeding supply. Landlords can financially profit from their position and have an excellent range of tenants to choose from.

Letting demand is rocketing in Hampshire and Surrey, which is no surprise to us. Our local areas offer all of the popularity of an easy commute to London and are often close to the glorious countryside, with superb facilities. This all culminates in excellent yields for landlords, especially in the current market.

Many of the younger generations prefer the immediacy of letting a home rather than saving for a mortgage and waiting for their own personal space. Then there are hardworking families who simply find renting a home more affordable.

“Demand for our rental properties is HUGE right now, whilst supply is low. The moment a property becomes available, we see a vast amount of interest, with numerous enquiries. Landlords really have some fantastic incentives right now.”

Tracy Cook, Lettings Manager

Whether your property is a family home or a studio apartment, we can find a quality tenant for you, and fast.

Act quickly and you can take advantage of the market, making the best of the income your buy-to-let can provide.

Contact our Lettings Department on: (01252) 514000, or to email, click here.

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