Our New Homes Manager talks about Help to Buy

March 05, 2020

Our New Homes Manager Adrian Jones has a number of years experience specialising in New Homes. Adrian feels enthusiastic about Help to Buy, and feels it is time to revisit all of the benefits available.

“We have all heard of Help to Buy, after all, it has been with us now for nearly seven years, and remains a key part of the sales and marketing for new homes. But as with many things which become familiar, you sometimes forget what it is all about.

I have returned to the new homes business this March as New Homes Sales Manager with Mackenzie Smith and this has reminded me how Help to Buy can do exactly what its name suggests. It enables you to buy a home that was previously out of your reach, or a home large enough to meet your growing family’s needs. It can simply mean being able to buy where you really want to live.

So my advice is to take a moment to have another look at Help to Buy and see how it can work for you on the fantastic new homes Mackenzie Smith has on the market.


Help to Buy is available to more than just first time buyers. Provided by the government towards the cost of your brand new home, it can provide a generous equity loan of up to 20%. No interest is payable for the first year, and what’s more, you can benefit from this great financial incentive for homes valued at up to £600,000.

For more information on how Help to Buy can work alongside our new homes for sale, call your local Mackenzie Smith branch today, contact details below.

Farnborough Office Tel: (01252) 375999, email: farnborough@mackenziesmith.co.uk. Hook Office Tel: (01256) 764666, email: hook@mackenziesmith.co.uk.
Fleet Office Tel: (01252) 812121, email: fleet@mackenziesmith.co.uk.
Ash Vale Office Tel: (01252) 353030, email: ashvale@mackenziesmith.co.uk.
Yateley Office Tel: (01252) 597900, email: yateley@mackenziesmith.co.uk.


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