Katherine’s favourite recipe

April 22, 2020

Given we’re all at home right now and may have some extra time on our hands, our team are going to be sharing their favourite recipes with you.

Next up is our Land Director, Katherine Gray…

I do enjoy the odd bit of baking, if you can get your hands on the ingredients, which I acknowledge is no easy feat right now, this is really a very delicious carrot cake.

I’m a big fan of The Hummingbird Bakery, famous for it’s luxurious sweet treats. The recipe book is relatively straightforward to follow and allows you to recreate their well-known baked goods from your own kitchen.

If I can do it, I have every confidence you can too. Also, I changed the decorations from walnuts to mini carrots which I found in the baking aisle, just to add a bit of fun and colour!

Also, if you have a kindle, the recipe book is currently on offer for 99p!


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