I’m a Celebrity, get me out of this castle!

November 19, 2020

The ‘I’m a Celeb’ crew has set an example to us all this year, really making the most of the location challenges lockdown presented. Take an intriguing look at the impressive Gwrych Castle in Abergele, where this popular show is taking place this year.

Gwrych Castle is a fantastic setting, one which really offers scares, in more ways than usual on I’m a Celeb…

This immense Grade I listed gothic castle, originating in the 1800s, certainly offers a wealth of character – at least, what’s not in ruins does. Light and airy would be a sensational overstatement, with crumbling architecture and broken windows truly providing an abundance of fresh air and leaving the celebrities at the mercy of the wind, rain, and frost.

These lucky(?) contestants will be spending several weeks in this incredible setting, where they can truly enjoy getting back to their roots, while we watch from the comfort of our sofas.

A spacious grand entrance hall leads into the castle, setting the standard for gloom and doom, dimly lit with lamplight, whilst a handy witch-hunt style torch parade provides the contestants with an iota of comfort, especially when venturing through the, apparently haunted, ruins at night, perhaps in an attempt to reach the communal privy unsolicited by spiders and bats. Further generous reception spaces are open plan to the weather, providing plenty of room for furnishings, along with fallen stone, undergrowth, weeds, and moss; simply ideal for entertaining (not).

Gone are all of the modern perks taken for granted. Reminiscent of medieval torture devices, rickety antique machinery takes the place of stylish modern kitchen appliances, providing not so ultimate convenience. State of the art communication replaces the mobile phone, with a dilapidated public phone box. Then there is the high specification sanitary ware…  a two-piece suite offers a tin pail basin and a shower rigged up with rusty old taps, offering a great degree of privacy with a wraparound shower curtain, finely finished with mould and mildew.

A substantial open plan bedroom provides a sinister retreat that will doubtless make the celebrities glad of the company – if they can possibly sleep through their snores. Offering a haven of relaxation and fully furnished with rusting four-poster beds as well as the traditional hammock, with all the comfort of cold, hard flooring.

An intimidating stone staircase presents hours of drudgery, a true antithesis of the stairway to heaven – who knows what dreadful task will meet celebrities at the summit!

A truly desirable setting features acres of countryside and woodland, with the castle set strategically upon a slope, with turrets providing awe-inspiring views of the naturally sculpted North Wales countryside.  And thankfully, not of armies of soldiers having travelled by boat to the popular Colwyn Bay Beach. Mainly however, the contestants will be spending time in the castle courtyard, featuring a well with their very own freshwater supply – they had just better fish out the newts and flies before they drink it.

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