Gove’s Push to Build on Brownfield

March 27, 2024

Our Land Director, Katherine Gray, shares her thoughts on MP, Michael Gove’s proposals.

If you are a land owner, you may be aware of further proposals by Michael Gove regarding Brownfield development. Government consultations about this closed on 26th March 2024.

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) was updated on 19th December 2023 and sets out the Government rules and regulations for development in England. While Gove’s proposals now focus on Brownfield development in England’s twenty largest towns and cities, any following action will trickle down to all local authorities. Therefore, it would affect our local areas.

Opportunities for varied housing on Brownfield sites can be limited, so inevitably, greenfield developments will still need to take place. However, if there is pressure on local authorities to approve appropriate residential development schemes utilizing previously developed land, regeneration of the area will prove a positive move.

If you have land and would like some advice or guidance on how it could be used, please call our Land Department on 01252 597765.

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