Business as ‘un’usual

March 19, 2020

Amongst the doom and gloom merchants, I am pleased to see there are a number of property professionals and commentators quite rightly promoting that it is “business as usual”.

Whilst I love and share their positivity, I would not call it usual; business is decidedly ‘unusual’.

As everyone is, quite rightly, concerned about the short term economic impacts of Covid 19 the experience at Mackenzie Smith is one of calm productivity. Our offices are reporting strong sales activity, particularly in new homes. The longer term view of buyers taking on a property purchase is precisely why those with a positive attitude continue to view and buy new homes and this also goes for the attitude of the agent acting on the developers behalf.  

As we are faced with uncertainty about how we conduct viewings going forward, it is the unusual or should I say imaginative ideas that we will be utilising to help market new homes that will ultimately help us to succeed. This could be through personal, controlled viewings, more video tours and photography and even the possibility of virtual reality.

Stay safe. Stay positive. And take a look at the new homes we have available. It may be unusual but we are still very much in business.

Adrian Jones – New Homes Manager

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