Aspen Homes: Q & A

July 30, 2020

Following a successful release at Foreman Manor, now with only one home remaining, we’ve taken this opportunity to catch up with Managing Director of Aspen Homes, Joe Jelley, to find out what makes an Aspen home unique and what he’s discovering as the latest trends in the market.

We’d like to thank Joe and the team at Aspen Homes for giving up their time this week. There isn’t often the opportunity to get an inside look at how the homes are built and the thought processes behind it all. Certainly from our perspective, we deal with the land and the sales of the homes, and whilst we will always lend our advice, research and experience to developers, the in-between phases are best left to the professionals, and with a strong reputation for delivering quality products, Aspen Homes are certainly the right people for the job.

For more information on Aspen Homes, click here. To learn more about the final home available at Foreman Manor, click here. Alternatively, contact our Ash Vale branch on 01252 353030 to arrange a viewing.

How long have you worked with Aspen Homes?

I set up Aspen Homes in 2009 following 8 years of working within the industry and realising I had a love and passion for property.

What is your favourite part of the job?

I have always loved doing deals and the excitement you get from completing the purchase of a new site is still amazing to this day.  However, as we treat all our homes as if they were our own, the real pleasure is seeing the excitement of our purchasers being given the keys to their new home and the beginning of what we hope is a new adventure for them.

What is the biggest challenge you face with a new development?

Controlling costs is always a vitally important aspect of the build process and not always easy to manage but knowing who your potential buyer is, is always key.  Ensuring the design, layout and specification is right for our target market will always mean the difference to being able to maximise the value of the homes when finished.

What do you think makes your Aspen Homes different?

I believe that every development has to be different and bespoke to the market we are developing in.  We don’t have any standardised unit types and design each home specifically for that market and location. I also like to think our attention to detail and use of high-quality specifications differentiates us from our competitors. We also have a fantastic team, where we all share ideas and make sure we spend time on site to ensure that the homes we build are perfect for modern day living and stand the test of time.

What do you think makes Foreman Manor different?

The design and character of the houses, I believe, sets our homes apart from other developments in the area. We’ve drawn on the detail of existing Victorian houses locally, incorporating stone cills, brick porches and traditional touches.  Internally, we’ve provided underfloor heating, wiring for SONOS music speakers, data points and a range of luxurious specifications across the kitchens and bathrooms that you would expect to see in a high-end luxury property.

Have you noticed any trends in the market from buyers?

Buyers are far more discerning and knowledgeable these days and understand property and know what to look for. Furthermore, with the effects of the coronavirus, it is clear that people are starting to value home office space and gardens far more than they would have done previously. There is certainly a trend appearing whereby families are now looking to move out of the city and settle in more rural locations, where they have vibrant towns and local amenities on their doorstep.

Is there anything you look to deliver in particular?

We always want to engage with the local community prior and during the development of our sites to ensure we are taking on-board their perspective and thoughts. Additionally, the design, layout and quality specification of each house is vitally important. However, a key issue for us now is sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint of our developments. This does not only come from what we use in the fabric of our building alongside the renewable energies we incorporate on site, but also where we source our materials from. As we evolve it is key for us to deliver environmentally friendly homes.

What would you say is the best thing about Foreman Manor if you had to pick one thing?

I’m not sure there is one but two that sit side by side and that’s the design and specification of the homes twinned with their proximity to Ash Station giving new owners access to London in less than an hour.

What advice would you give to a buyer looking for a new home?

Do your homework, look and compare the specification with comparable homes and make sure you take appropriate financial advice before you start looking. Knowing exactly what your budget is will pay dividends when negotiating on the purchase of your new home.

How long has Foreman Manor taken you to build?

The development from start to finish took just over 14 months.

Are you looking at any other projects nearby?

We are always looking for new opportunities and have loved developing homes in Ash. It is such a fantastic area with great links to rural hotspots as well as vibrant cities and towns north, south, east, and west of Ash.

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