Andrew Fagg – Celebrating 25 years

September 24, 2020

One of our trusted, independent financial advisors, Andrew Fagg, is this year celebrating his 25th anniversary working alongside our team.

“It was Ed Mackenzie Smith’s brother Richard, a friend and former colleague, who persuaded me to come and work with him as a mortgage advisor at Mackenzie Smith back in September 1995. At that time, I had a fairly secure job as a financial advisor at Natwest, so it was a pretty risky move, but one I have never regretted.

In the 25 years working with Mackenzie Smith, I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with some amazing people. The hard-working ethos that Ed has distilled within the company fitted my own standards. I have learned an awful lot over the years thanks to the high expectations and focus on customer service that Ed, Steve, and the management team at Mackenzie Smith demonstrate.

I have also very much enjoyed advising and assisting those that Mackenzie Smith has recommended me to. Their client base is so varied, with so many different backgrounds and walks of life. The fact that it’s been 25 years means I now have the absolute pleasure in continuing to arrange mortgages for those I met back in 1995 who have had multiple moves and, scarily, in some cases even some of their children!” Andrew Fagg, Davenport Financial Management.

At Mackenzie Smith, we partner only with those we would trust with our own mortgages and financial decisions, as such we can wholeheartedly and confidently recommend Andrew and his decades of experience in the industry.

For independent financial advice, please speak with your local branch who will be happy to make the introduction.

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