Aldershot branch selling faster in town

June 24, 2021

Recent statistics have shown that our Aldershot branch is selling homes locally an incredible 35% faster than other agents. So just what is it that’s making them so successful?

Demonstrating a volume, efficiency, and speedy sale of properties that local competitors are finding challenging to beat, our Aldershot team continues to impress.

Many properties are on the market for just over a week before a sale is agreed, with a good proportion having a sale agreed in even less time than that.

Having opened in September last year, the office already demonstrates a great deal of local knowledge, benefitting from the expertise and experience of Branch Manager, Tom Knight, who knows the town like the back of his hand.

A strong believer in teamwork, Tom encourages his agents to play to their strengths, making them strong contenders within the area, as the results show.

Our Aldershot team is already known for their “down-to-earth" likeability and no-nonsense attitude, resulting in the transparency that Mackenzie Smith values so highly.

Our Aldershot agents have excellent attention to detail, recognising the perks of all the great locations in and around Aldershot, with a real eye for some of the fantastic features the local properties offer.

“The dedication and persistence of my team is truly commendable. They simply thrive on the challenges of bringing sales to completion, taking great pleasure in the satisfaction of their clients.”

Tom Knight, Branch Manager

If you are thinking of selling or buying in the Aldershot area, please contact our local branch on (01252) 983730,

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