Thankfully just to Westeros, long may our summer reign!

With Game of Thrones returning to our screens in less than a week, we’re taking a look at the Great Houses of this fascinating world. Considering King’s Landing is currently awaiting some rather drastic structural repairs, there are plenty of other magnificent and characterful houses created in this cult TV series. 

House Stark: Winterfell

winterfellIf you’re interested in a colder climate, and can bear the trip up North, just south of The Wall you’ll find this historic home to the King of the North, for the last 8000 years. Recently redecorated with its former colours, but requiring some upkeep, this large castle has proven a popular choice, with good connections to both The Wall and King’s Landing, approximately 1000 miles South. 

Whilst the House is due a rather cold snap, it is set on top of a hot springs, providing heated flooring. 


House Tully/Frey: Riverrun

With waterside views, this house has recently made use of it’s fortress style build. At the fork of two rivers it can be deserted onto its own island, offering a high degree of privacy and seclusion. With a castle on either side of the river, there is bonus accommodation available here,  but is not a suitable wedding venue.



House Arryn: The Eyrie in the Vale

the eyrieOn a peak of the mountain of the moon, within the Vale, this property sits 1000’s of feet above the valley below. Accessed via a private road, it is the characterful features that set this property apart.

A moon door offers a focal, if not lethal, feature, whilst sky cells make the most of the outdoor elements and height, offering spaces that are less than versatile.




House Lannister: Casterly Rock

casterly rockLocated in the Westernlands, this house was originally built into the rock over 6000 years ago.

With a gold mine underneath, you’re literally sitting on a fortune, a huge asset to the property.






House Greyjoy: Pyke

The home bears the same name as the island it rests upon, which is just one of seven within the Iron islands.

Not the best choice for those who fear heights, as each wing is interconnected by rope bridges.



House Martell: Sunspear, Dorne

The ideal holiday home, situated in the sunnier climates.

Full of rustic appeal, these houses are primarily sand coloured, constructed largely with mud and straw.





House Tyrell: Highgarden

highgardenThis idyllic sanctuary is well known for it’s landscaped gardens and floral appeal. With golden roses and green fields offering a desirable outlook.

The property also benefits from riverside views, with the river Mander flowing nearby. Great for commuters, as Highgarden can be found on the road between King’s Landing, Old Town and Lannisport.