winter-1Until this week, you could have been fooled into thinking it was still summer, but with the clocks turning back, the nights drawing in and the temperatures starting to dip, now is the time to think about winter-proofing your home ahead of the coming months.

We’ve put together a short list of tips to get your home winter ready, whether that’s maximising natural light, minimising draught potential or preventing damage that could occur over the next few months.

This could also bring to mind areas to look for when viewing a house.


Avoid the dreaded damp

We blogged about this fairly recently, but whilst going through the steps on winter proofing your home, it is certainly worth keeping in mind preventative measures for damp. Fluctuating temperatures and an increase in rainfall will naturally bring a higher risk of damp. For our full advice, you can find our top tips here.


Bills, bills, billssave

It is unavoidable that over the winter you’ll be spending a bit more on heating your home than you would in the summer, with that in mind, is it time to review your energy tariffs? There is some great advice on switching providers and comparing quotes available online, that means it’s not quite the same arduous task that it once was, and could offer some extra savings to go towards your Christmas funds.

It’s time to wrap up summer

Unfortunately, unless you’re a hardened soul, it’s likely to be a while before you use the BBQ or garden furniture. Now is a great time to get them cleaned up and covered, so that when the time comes, they’re ready to use again with minimal damage from rain and neglect.


MOT your homegutter

Take some time to check that your gutters are leaf free and that the roof hasn’t incurred any damage, this will again help to prevent damp or any more sinister issues. It is also a great opportunity to make sure your boiler and radiators are all healthy, better now than during that cold snap!


Keep the heat in

It’s more energy efficient to maintain a regular temperature for your home over the winter, so adjust the dial accordingly and possibly re-set the timer, there are also some new apps and products available that allow you to monitor your heating remotely, optimising your spend. Heating your home is all well and good, but it’s important to ensure that once you’ve heated it, the heat stays in. Is your insulation working? Loft insulation can be relatively inexpensive, where items like double glazing can be bigger investments. If you’re currently house hunting, the EPC rating will provide a good insight as to how energy efficient a home is, potentially reducing the heating costs.

A nifty trick to keep the heat into a home is to put tin foil behind a radiator, this will draw the heat back into the room rather than allowing it to escape through any walls.


Daylight savingcurtain

During the day, opening the curtains will help to naturally warm the house, bringing in the sunlight, but at night it is important to keep the curtains closed and as thick as possible. The thicker the curtain, the better insulation. If you’re feeling particularly crafty, you could sew a temporary lining into the curtains just for the winter months.


DIY draught excluders

There are a few low cost measures you can take to further insulate your home. A draught excluder has to be no.1 on that list. It doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive, there are lots of DIY ideas online and shops like Laura Ashley do sell some lovely options which could tie in with your décor. It may also be worth investing in a letter box brush, the draught through may not seem much, but every little helps when it comes to insulation, similarly a key hole cover will help avoid further draughts through the door.


Soften uprug

Whilst a hard wood floor and exposed floorboards are visually appealing and bring a lot of character to a room, they will also bring a chill. Adding a soft rug, even for the winter months will help to insulate the room and add warmth.


Hopefully these few tips will get you on your way for preparing your home ahead of the winter months.


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