The recent stability in the housing market has enabled Developers to buy land with the confidence that their projected resale values for the finished homes are achievable.

The Governments ‘Help to Buy’ scheme has also proved popular with prospective home buyers and aided New Homes sales for those sites that have registered for the scheme.  The result of which is that we are finding an increase in the number of developers putting forward bids for good quality residential land opportunities.

Coupled with this we have seen an increase in the number of planning permission applications being submitted to Local Authorities for residential development. The types of developments being applied for range from individual plots to substantial housing sites, this is due not only to the increased confidence in the housing market, but the Governments requirement that Local Authorities provide a rolling five year housing supply against their individual housing requirements.Katherine Grey

If a Local Authority cannot prove a rolling five year housing supply this may improve the chances of achieving planning permission for appropriate residential development, which could be advantageous to landowners and developers alike.

Katherine Gray, Senior Land Negiotator,
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