Pets, children, and rental reform

August 10, 2023

If you’re a landlord with concerns about having pets or children in your property, we’ve got some updated expert guidance to help.

The Property Ombudsman Director, Peter Habert, has expressed concern over the treatment of tenants, highlighting possible reforms regarding pets and children in rental properties.

All tenants deserve fair treatment. However, as a landlord, you may have concerns about children and pets living in your buy-to-let property.

It is important to remember that the type of property you own will play a part on whether it is suitable for children or pets. Studio or one-bedroom apartments rarely have space for children and are likely to be deemed inappropriate.

Properties could also be impractical for pets if access to grounds is indirect or above ground level. If the accommodation is suitable, tenants should need to prove pet insurance is in place if the reform is made for pets.

If your buy-to-let has three to five bedrooms, tenants with children are a likely prospect. If you are comfortable with your tenants having pets, this can increase the popularity and competitiveness of your rental property.

“Right now, landlords can still refuse tenants with children and pets. Whilst reforms are on the horizon, if your buy-to-let is inappropriate for a tenant, you will not be obliged to rent to them.”

Tracy Cook, Lettings Director

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