The Renters’ Reform Bill

May 23, 2023

The media is abuzz about Rental Reform, but whilst changes are coming soon, no action has been taken just yet.

Proposals on reform have just been outlined at the first reading in parliament, on 17th May. A number of possible changes to the sector were discussed, with the main ones detailed below.

As Lettings Agents we rarely find Section 21 to be exploited by landlords and we are not retaliatory. However, Section 21 could be abolished to protect faultless tenants from unreasonable evictions. If this happens, Section 8 could be strengthened to protect landlords with legal reasons to evict. A new ground could also be added to Section 8, enabling landlords to evict tenants should they wish to sell their property, or require the accommodation to house their family.

There might be a structural change from fixed to periodic tenancies, however, any changes should be advised to the rental sector in advance. It was suggested if the change was made, tenants give landlords sufficient notice when leaving.

Rental price rises by landlords and agents are already limited to once a year; however, possible increases could be made to the tenant notice period.

Tenants could also have more legal right to keep a pet, unless of course the request is unreasonable. Responsibility for any costs that might occur from pet damage could require written confirmation by the tenant, and they may well need to prove they have pet insurance in place. The landlord would also need to respond to tenant pet requests within a set time period.

Landlords may also need to register their letting on a new property portal and join a government-approved ombudsman scheme.

With nothing set in stone, Members of Parliament will discuss and debate the above changes soon. In the meantime, if you’d like further advice or guidance, please contact our Lettings Team on 01252 514000,

Please be advised this blog does not constitute legal advice.


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