iStock_Abacus cropDespite speculation earlier this year that mortgage rates were likely to rise by the end of 2015, there is no sign of any imminent change.

Within the last month, some major lenders have reduced the rate being charged on the fixed rate schemes.  Currently, it is possible to obtain two year fixed rate deals on a mortgagee with a loan to value (LTV), for less than 4.0%.  On mortgages with a LTV of up tp 75% there are even deals below 1.5% (this will be subject to credit checks and underwriting by the lender).

Whether you are a first time buyer, remortgaging or moving house, it is always advisable to speak to a qualified advisor.  At Mackenzie Smith we are please to have our own dedicated mortgagee advisor, who can advise and inform our clients of the most suitable product and best rate available from a number of different mortgage providers.  

Andrew Fagg Mortgage AdvisorIf you would like to speak to Andrew please contact him on 07720 353866, or you can click here to see his current rate of the week.


Rates quoted are available subject to status. Additional fees and charges apply, please contact Davenport Financial Management for a personal illustration.