If you are a landlord, you may already be aware of the talk surrounding forthcoming legal changes and considering what action to take.

The intention to abolish Section 21 was announced back in April, meaning that landlords would be required to serve a Section 8 notice, giving concrete legal evidence to evict a tenant. Whilst providing good protection for tenants, some landlords may feel this to be a cause for concern, wishing to have the reassurance of more immediate control.

As a trusted lettings agent, we are familiar with how the current Section 8 notice is used to evict a tenant in specific circumstances; when a tenant has fallen into rental arrears, broken the terms of their tenancy agreement or been involved in criminal or anti-social behaviour.

The Government has advised that they will amend Section 8 to provide more reassurance for landlords.

As a landlord, you may want the security of knowing, for example, that if you would like to move into a tenanted property, this will be possible.

As an ARLA qualified agent we can help to guide you smoothly through any legal changes, taking you through the processes required to understand how the amendments may affect you. Our Lettings Department already holds steadfast administrative records, great for providing any required legislative support to landlords as well as tenants.

If you are not currently letting through a qualified agent but need to know how these upcoming changes may affect you, now is the time to get in touch. Find out how our services can serve your best interests, keeping you in control of what happens to your property.

As well-established, professional agents we can offer a compliance and transparency hard to match, meaning that we are in the perfect position to help.

For further advice, or if you are interested in letting a property with us, please contact our Lettings Department on (01252) 514000 or lettings@mackenziesmith.co.uk.