We’re pleased to support our local communities in a variety of ways, as sponsors of the wonderful Hook Players, we wanted to take this opportunity to introduce their latest offering, coming up this November…

The play, “Sleighed to Death” by Peter Gordon is a prequel to the hilarious Inspector Pratt Trilogy of which they have already staged two. “Murdered to Death” and “Secondary Cause of Death”.

This one is a relatively new play initially entitled “Ding Dong Murder Me on High”, its first performance was staged not a million miles away at The Haymarket Theatre, Basingstoke, by Talking Scarlet Productions in 2017.  It is intended as a spoof on the Agatha Christie genre, so therefore set in a country house, the family seat of one Sir Walton Gates, a member of the landed gentry who has married a much younger second wife Grace, after the untimely demise of his first. It is Christmas Eve and Morag, Sir Walton’s Secretary, a dour Scotswoman, is attempting to organise the bumbling aristocrat’s affairs.

Emma, his daughter from his first marriage, who resents Grace for potentially spending her inheritance on such things as a priceless pearl necklace, has arrived to spend Christmas en famille. She is accompanied by “boyfriend” James – a dashing young adventurer – who has more than one ulterior motive for visiting. Add to the mix Walton’s long banished brother Archie, recently returned from exile in Australia, and the scene is set for potentially criminal goings on.

Into this mix enters the bungling Pratt; still a Sergeant, although not in the first flush of youth (he rises to Inspector briefly before retirement for the trilogy). His powers of deduction are almost as nonexistent as his grasp of the English language, so between a mix of Malapropisms and Spoonerisms there is scope for the audience to be driven hysterical with laughter. His unfortunate sidekick, WPC Potter, has to cope with all of this, as well as feeling very unhappy with her lot as she feels she has great powers of deduction but “as a woman” she’s only ever been allowed to make the tea!

Is there a body? Where is the body? Will Pratt prevent a crime, detect a crime or cause one?

Who is Doris?

To answer these burning questions, put the dates in your diaries now and have a lot of fun with Hook Players at Elizabeth Hall, Hook RG27 9HH.

Performances will be on:

Thursday 29th, Friday 30th November and Saturday 1st December at 7.45 pm (doors open 30 mins before performance).

Tickets (£13) will be on sale at Trees newsagents, from the Box Office 07709 214679, or on the night at the door.

Refreshments, licensed bar and a raffle will be available on the night. 

 For details and info on this and other productions, check out www.hookplayers.co.uk