garden gateNow that the warmer weather is with us, we shall be getting out our garden furniture and possibly buying new furniture, but is your garden secure? Are you taking the correct steps to ensure your lovely garden set and shed belongings are properly locked away?

Whilst conducting property viewings, it is surprising how many garden gates are not properly secured. Home security is at the top of many homeowners’ and tenant’s priority lists, but can the same be said for gardens and backyards?

Perhaps you have forgotten to lock the gate or the padlock may be broken. In the summer, most of us leave the garden furniture out for the whole duration and may even leave out garden tools, bikes and children’s outdoor toys.

By simply ensuring your gate is locked with a quality padlock, can detour would be thieves by making it far more difficult, than simply opening a gate and walking off with your things.

With all the items we keep in our gardens, keeping these areas secure should be an equally high priority as other home security. Replacing stolen items can be very expensive, even if you feel they hold little value. 

So when you get home, have a look at your garden gate and shed, are they properly locked? After all, a padlock is far cheaper than a whole garden set.


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