Last month Justin Smith from Mackenzie Smith in Hook was approached by the editorial team from Hampshire Life Magazine to make his comments for their special feature on the Hart area being awarded the status of the best place to live in the UK.

Having lived and worked in Hart district for over 15 years, Justin shows a great understanding of what it is about the area that makes it so desirable; the community, the schools and the people as well as the location.

The electronic page turner is now available for the April edition in which the article features click here to view the magazine, the article in question is located from page 72.

If the press come to Mackenzie Smith for comments and advice on the local property market, why wouldn’t you?

Property demand in the area is unsurprisingly strong, with high demand from London as well as the local area. Justin is well placed to provide advice to anyone who is considering moving, if you want to get in touch call 01256 764666 or e-mail