Are you thinking about those extra calories you still need to burn off for the summer swimsuit? Do you know that you need to do some exercise but are reluctant to join the gym? Well here are some interesting and surprising ways that can help you get fit, and you don’t even need to leave the house! If you have only just moved into a new home, you could be pleasantly surprised at how well this could fit into your busy schedule.

Decorating – yes, we said decorating…

Perhaps you have only just moved into your lovely new home, and you need to make your own personal stamp on it. You would be surprised to learn perhaps, that painting a room can burn a whopping 306 calories an hour!

So while you may wish to get the professionals in to do the majority of the work, you could leave a room to do yourself. It could for example, be fun to decorate the children’s playroom, get creative and use stencils of favourite story and cartoon characters, to make the room magical for them.  This would be a great way of helping the children join in with making the area their own, choosing what they would like to go on the walls and perhaps helping with some of the minor tasks like tidying away old wall paper.

Moving and improving furniture

Perhaps slightly more obvious than decorating, just one hour of moving furniture can burn 408 calories an hour. So instead of worrying how you are going to fit in the hours at the gym when you have so much to manage rearranging your home and getting new furniture, know that unless you are a regular gym goer already, the gym can probably wait, at least for now!

If you are a dab hand at DIY, you may wish to update some of your furniture and perhaps create some new ones. Carpentry burns 237 calories an hour so this is well worth the effort! This would almost burn off a 250ml glass of average strength red wine, or easily a glass of medium dry white wine at 190 calories – or 2 and a 1/2 digestive biscuits.

Clean up the family fitness

Maybe slightly less exciting is the task of cleaning the house, but if you have children, this is a good way to help them keep fit and maybe they can earn some pocket money at the same time. It is important that everybody pulls their weight in the house after all! An hour of cleaning will use up 171 calories an hour, so that would easily work off one serving of ice cream (half a cup) at 137 calories.

The best way to trim up with cleaning is to keep your speed up – clean as if you have a deadline, even if this isn’t the case! You will feel your back, arm and leg muscles working if you vacuum vigorously and the quicker you buff up the mirrors and surfaces with a spot of polish, the better this will help to trim your upper arms.


Gardening is a great way to keep fit, and the weather is certainly improving, so if you haven’t already, do get out in the sunshine and tackle all of those gardening plans that you have on the back-burner. Digging is hot work, and wheelbarrowing around heavy loads will certainly get your muscles working, but some relaxed, gentle planting could be a more delicate way of stretching your leg muscles, back and arms.

Working out at home

One of the most important things to do is keep yourself motivated and interested, so a variety of exercises worked into your daily routine could be a really good plan. It can be difficult to keep the structure of a fitness plan at home with the multitude of distractions there are there, so if you are thinking of embarking on your own exercise regime, ask your partner, neighbour or maybe even an older child if they want to join in. A bit of company is encouraging and will help you stick to the plan, and a bit of competition could really get you going!

However, with modern technology, access to professional exercise enthusiasts’ advice can be easy and inexpensive. A quick look on youtube can help find some exercises to target your body problem areas – for example, most of us would like to slim up on the stomach;

It is important though, not to cause injury to yourself. Don’t forget to warm up and cool down before you do vigorous exercise at home. If something hurts too much, then it is likely you should stop doing it and seek professional advice.  One way around this could be to make a small investment in an exercise class and once you feel confident that you know what you are doing, then you can perform these exercises at home. A dance class or two could be really good fun for a couple, and practise is a great way of sharing the activity at home;

So, there are a wealth of opportunities and a variety of activities that can be done and enjoyed, without taking a single step out of the front door. Why not have fun achieving your summer body in the comfort of your own home!