The Government has announced that all new homes built in England from 2016 will be required to be ‘zero carbon’.  In essence this means that there should be no carbon emissions generated from the energy required to heat and light a home. 

Katherine Gray, Land ManagerThe Government does appreciate that onsite measures such as solar panels, fabric insulation and efficient boilers etc. may not in themselves eliminate all carbon emissions.  As such they will allow house builders to offset any remaining carbon emissions from new homes against savings made on or off site to enable them to achieve a net zero carbon emissions.

With additional regulation usually comes additional cost, and producing zero carbon homes is unlikely to be an exception.  As such should build costs increase due to the proposed regulations this could have an impact on Land Values.

However, the Government does recognise that it could be particularly challenging for small builders to achieve the zero carbon status.  As such the Government is currently in the process of holding a consultation to explore whether, and if so, how, small builders may be exempt from delivering zero carbon homes.

If this exemption were to come to fruition it would support small builders who provide a much needed supply of new homes.

The consultation began on the 18th November 2014 and will end on the 7th January 2015. Follow this link if you would like to read and / or comment on the consultation paper.

Katherine Gray

Land Manager, 01252 762007