It sounds over simplistic but it is true, the better the condition of your property before the tenancy starts the better the condition it will be in at the end of the tenancy.

If a tenant views a property that has not been professionally cleaned and looks a bit shabby, they are much less likely to want to rent it and with other properties possibly being available they will simply go elsewhere. If, however, you are lucky enough to find a tenant willing to take the property, there is little incentive for them to look after it and will more likely fall into further disrepair.

We deal with many investors who buy brand new properties to rent out, these prove incredibly popular with prospective tenants but that is not to say that the second hand market is not buoyant. As long as the property looks clean, tidy and well cared for, there is a very good chance of securing a suitable tenant.

If your property is vacant, make sure the heating is on constant to make the property feel warm and inviting and make sure you have a subtle air freshener giving off a welcoming scent. Prospective tenants are not dissimilar to purchasers in this respect and are attracted to properties that have a warm welcoming feel, a home which appears well looked after.

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