Having recently launched Taylor Wimpey’s latest, local development, Pembroke Manor in Hook, we took the opportunity to get a developer’s insight on New Homes; what the current market holds, along with their priorities when releasing a new site. Sales Manager, Andrea Smale, was kind enough to offer some of her time for a quick Q & A.

So, Andrea, what do you enjoy about working with Taylor Wimpey?

taylor wimpey logoI joined the company just over a year ago, having worked for other volume house-builders, within Taylor Wimpey there is a real feeling of wanting to succeed in every aspect of the role. As a household name, they really want to ensure that they deliver quality homes to their customers. It’s great to be a part of that.

Having been involved in over twenty developments, my favourite part of the role is seeing a development all the way through; from the point of initial planning layouts, to selling on-site, moving the buyer in and seeing the fully completed site, the process offers a real sense of achievement and it’s great to see people settling in to their new home, which we’ve helped to create.

Is there one aspect of the job that’s never easy?

Every role has its challenges, but I think that every obstacle helps us to improve our knowledge and ultimately helps us to deliver a better service to our customers.

What makes Taylor Wimpey different?

We’re competitive, we never accept second best. Safety and wellness within our teams is also paramount, ensuring that everyone leaves our sites safe and well, we’ll never compromise on that. We behave with integrity, are honest and forthright and support one another. We strive to enhance the environment and local community, running our business in a way that is sustainable. Knowledge and information are key, we take our decisions on fact not emotion. 

With regards to current trends, is there anything you have noticed and how do you approach your design stages?

Landata-House-Street-Scene_BERYLWe have a range of house-types which we build that involved a set of external elevations, however, we have to accommodate alterations and additions depending on the area to ensure we are in keeping with existing properties. As a region, Taylor Wimpey West London took the decision to stand out from other developers by providing a higher specification for our purchasers, thus making their customer journey more enjoyable and giving them less to worry about on move in day. We know that our buyers are money conscious, have high expectations and most importantly deserve a great property to call home. Our buyers look for value for money, sociable layouts and convenient locations, Pembroke Manor is a wonderful example of how we are able to meet all three of these wishlist items.

What’s your favourite feature at Pembroke Manor?

I personally really like all the internal designs of the apartments. A lot of time has been spent reviewing the drawings, and we’re all very passionate about the final layouts. We are also very fortunate to have a high number of apartments with balconies. 

What do you think is the biggest challenge you’ve faced with Pembroke Manor?

From a sales perspective, I think due to the build not being visible, it has been difficult to show the progress we’re making. However, the build will soon be above the hoardings for everyone to see.

How long does a development like Pembroke Manor take from start to finish?

Due to the complex nature of the build, in a very tight space, a development like this can take 2-3 years to build from start to finish.

And finally, with Pembroke Manor well underway, do you have any further plans on the horizon for the local area?

We hope to be involved in a new development in Farnham in 2018 and have just launched a new development in Fleet called Oak View.


We’d like to thank Andrea for giving up her time this week. There isn’t often the opportunity to get an inside look at how the homes are built and the thought processes behind it all. Certainly from our perspective, we deal with the land and the sales of the homes, and whilst we will always lend our advice, research and experience to developers, the in-between phases are best left to the professionals, and as a household name and industry leader, Taylor Wimpey are certainly the right people for the job.

For more information on Taylor Wimpey, click here. To learn more about their latest development, Pembroke Manor, now released for sale with a wide selection of incentives, click here.