513140 (3)a_CrawfordMoxleyDespite all the dreadful storms, floods and gale force winds we started the year with, the 2014 property market has so far been going rather well and it would seem that buyers have not been deterred by the awful weather and have continued to get out and look for homes to buy.

Selling property isn’t the problem, the challenge we have faced in recent weeks is persuading potential sellers to put their homes on the market to meet the demand from buyers.

In this respect, I think the bad weather has possibly played a part because in my experience, most homeowners prefer to present their properties when their gardens are coming back to AV sold boardlife and there is a bit of blue sky instead of the bleak greyness we have had over the last couple of months which doesn’t make anywhere look appealing.

Now that Spring is in the air I’m fairly confident we will see a lot more property reaching the market to help meet buyer demand and unlock further property stock.

Crawford Moxley, Branch Manager

crawfordm@mackenziesmith.co.uk 01252 353030