house 1We often turn to show homes with admiration, seeking style inspiration for our humble abodes. The high specification finishes, impeccable detailing and designer touches are what makes a show home an awe inspiring place. The fresh interior of a show home always looks stunning, making it all the more appealing. But, it is the little touches of your family that make your house a home. So let’s turn the tables and unleash a touch of personality into your new home.

A soft palette of tones, usually whites and creams coupled with monochromes or metallic, embellish the interior of new homes giving them a sleek designer feel.  The minimalist styling is immaculate and works well to establish a fresh and sophisticated ambience. This is ideal for showcasing a property and provides a true sense of the space on offer. At the same time, this also creates a blank canvas perfect to move in straight away and easily put your stamp on.

It is always a little strange when we move into a new home, it doesn’t quite feel like our own until we have unpacked our collection of little treasures or favourite mug! To help make your new house a home, we’ve come up with a few simple ideas:

A wall of fame

Home doesn’t quite feel the same until there are a few photos or yourself, family and friends. This is a quick and easy way of making your new home feel like your own, whilst at the same time adding a touch of colour to the space. Why not create a feature wall using a series of framed photos for an instant touch of personality?  This is a quick fix as you can even use picture hanging strips to place the frames exactly where you want them, meaning you don’t even get a dent in your new walls, perfect! 

paint 1A splash of colour

Pick an accent colour for each room of the house to create the desired ambience within the space, in doing so you’re adding your personality and taste. Give some serious thought to the colours you want to use, as careful colour choice can really help create an atmosphere within the rooms, warm tones within the living area can make it feel comfortable whilst bright colours can be great for adding a fun element.

Not so keen on painting? By investing in soft furnishings, lamps and by bringing in your own furniture, you can infuse an accent colour to the room.  This would make a great family project to allow everyone to get involved. The kids could decide on their own rooms and even help pick out items for the living room and kitchen, making it a true family home. 

Create a feature wall

Whether you want to make a fun statement, or create a chic and stylish focal point, a feature wall is a simple way to make maximum impact without overwhelming the space. Take care to select the best wall to use, this would normally be the one which features a fireplace or whichever your eye is drawn to as you enter the room.wallpaper

When we refer to a feature wall we relate this to a wall covered with a statement wall paper, which can be daunting for some. There are some great designs out there, why not venture out to a few DIY stores and bring back some samples? You can then place them on your selected wall for a few days and take some time to decide. If this approach is not quite right, you could paint the wall or even use large-scale art work as a feature of the room.

Personal touches

You don’t quite realise how many souvenirs and mementos you have accumulated over time until it is time to pack up and move. Admittedly, too many knick knacks can look a little cluttered but these treasures are precious and tell the story of you and your family. Interesting items can also be great talking points, so be creative with how you display these. For ideas on how to upcycle or feature an item, Pinterest can offer some creative inspiration. 

Create a little hideaway

We all have our favourite part of the home, which we retire to at the end of the day or for some quiet reflective time. Work on these spaces and maybe even create secret hideaways for the children where they can curl up with a favourite book. You can create this cosy corner anywhere that suits, simply use a few soft furnishings and softer lighting.

home 3Fresh flowers and cosy comforts

A comfy throw to snuggle under, warm scented candles and fresh flowers; these little things are often what make a house feel like a comfortable and welcoming home. Together or individually, these items can add a splash of colour and personality into the space, but also infuse a fragrance and pleasant ambience around the home.

These are just some of the ways to make an immediate impact on the stylistic look and feel of your new house. Beyond sweeping changes, though, the real soul of your house is found in the small creative decisions that are taken together as a family, so make this a great family project for a real sense of belonging and appreciation.


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