Stephen DownFor this week’s spotlight article, we’re introducing one of our newest recruits, Farnborough’s Stephen Down. Stephen joined the team back in June, as our newest Senior Client Manager.

Stephen joins the successful Farnborough team at a really exciting time, with June proving to be a roaring success for introducing new homes to the market. Rightmove stats showed Mackenzie Smith’s Farnborough branch to have taken on more homes than any other agent throughout the month, with such a dedicated and passionate team, it’s easy to understand how.

Stephen Down brings a wealth of experience to the Farnborough branch, over 15 years. Having worked locally in the area for so long, he’s a recognisable face in the town, and certainly knows his patch!

DSC_0005With over 15 years of experience, Stephen’s first introduction to the industry was slightly reluctant, having turned down a job opportunity twice, before the Manager finally persuaded Stephen to put his trust in him and give it a go, safe to say it was a risk that’s paid off. 

Having worked with other agencies in the area, what was it that drew Stephen to a career at Mackenzie Smith? “The brand is a great name, they’re recognised in the area as market leaders, so of course the opportunity to work with them was a no-brainer. I also prefer working for an independent agency, the ethos and company culture is always so different to a corporate and a much better fit for me.”

Being a part of countless property sales over the years, there was one in particular that created a lasting memory for Stephen. “We had one property which involved 8 in the chain. After 7 and a half months, I just couldn’t understand why it still hadn’t exchanged, and who, or where the issue was. In an attempt to figure it out once and for all, I invited everyone in the chain into my office. All the buyers and sellers sat down together to talk it through. By the end of a long meeting we had managed to resolve everything, we understood that we were all still striving for the same end goal and realised what needed to be done. Within 2 weeks we had exchanged.”

Pic10After 15 years of selling homes in the local area, what is it about estate agency life and the Farnborough area that keeps Stephen motivated? ” There’s a real thrill in selling homes, agreeing sales and closing instructions is one side of that, but being able to hand the keys over and achieve some great testimonials is really what it’s all about. I hope to continue bringing in the positive reviews on Trustpilot for Mackenzie Smith. With regards to the local area, I just get on well with Farnborough. The locals are my neighbours, everyone is really friendly and down to earth, what’s not to like?”

When Stephen isn’t selling homes or playing mediator, he will often be found running, be that on his own or whilst playing football. As a keen Arsenal supporter and with over 20 years of playing the sport, it’s a real passion for Stephen, who even managed teams of 11-a-side and 5-a-side.

If you’d like to speak to Stephen and our team at Farnborough about selling your house, or would like any information regarding our services, please contact the Farnborough branch on (01252) 375999 or e-mail