Here at Mackenzie Smith, our dedicated team are what really sets us apart. If you’ve done business with us before, you’ll know how hard we work both as individuals and as a team, to collectively ensure that our reputation precedes us, to which our Trustpilot reviews are testament.

 Untitled design (3)With that in mind, we have been shining the spotlight on various members of our team and this week we are heading back to the office crew, to me, Nosheen Aslam Khalid, the Marketing Assistant. I’m the one responsible for your property descriptions and brochures, and often a blog or two, offering useful property tips and advice.

Being a mum of two mischievous young boys, I am a part-time member of the team, working around the school day to diligently market your lovely homes. Though, due to compliance reasons, we can not specifically mention how lovely a home is, they always are. Having been here for just over a year now, my role stills feels as fresh and exciting as it did when I began, due to the individual and exciting homes we are fortunate enough to market. Over my time here, I have put together brochures for some stunning homes, but it is the history and the story a home tells that has always intrigued me, after all, your home is more than just bricks and mortar. Being a creative individual, I enjoy seeking out the individualities and USPs of your home, which you have used make it your own. Whether that be an open plan living space or practical use of built-in storage, your efforts certainly do not go overlooked. Fundamentally, my inquisitive eye aims to set your home apart from others available on the market, whilst also inspiring prospective buyers to envisage how they would live in your home. 

Fleet Office Sales 2015 2x3Property has always been a passion of mine, probably going back to my late teens when I would tag along to viewings with my parents who invested in the property market. My interests ventured further than just the appearance of the homes, proving an early education into property investments and home buying from a buyer’s perspective. While property intrigued me, I never considered a career in the field at this time, aiming to pursue my creative skills in the field of marketing. Following my graduation, I proceeded into a career within the corporate marketing sector, a time in which I also got married and began saving for my first home. This was my first realisation that securing a home in a rising market is quite a challenge. But with every challenge comes an education and journey, which is actually what proved to happen. A few years later, I was faced with redundancy, yet still tirelessly viewing homes and rentals, when I came across a weekend assistant role with a well-known agency. Ever the optimist, this felt a great time to consider new opportunities and the part time position, utilising my marketing experience, turned out to be a new career altogether, where I embarked upon a full-time position with the sales team. This was my first real experience within the property market, where the experience gave me a greater insight into what appeals to buyers, and how vendors can make the most of their homes. I then took a short career break, to raise my family and eventually purchase my first home. This was a project purchase, which after two children is still very much work in progress, but another experience I bring to this role, putting forward my tips and advice in useful blogs.


When I am not creating bespoke marketing brochures for our clients, I return to my day job as a mum of two beautiful young boys. This mischievous pair are now four and five years of age, so as you can imagine, quite a handful, and as many parents could understand, they have become my social life which is full of play dates and birthday parties. We do have a liking for food also, so I am often partial to the odd afternoon of baking sweet delicacies with the boys, or cooking up treats for the family. Being part of quite a large family, I have always been a family person, where I enjoy spending time with my siblings, parents, nieces and nephews, and not to mention, my Nan.  

Being an independent agency, we have always adopted a personal approach with our clients, aiming to provide you with the tools and know-how of the property industry that would allow you to make informative property decisions, not just now but in the future also. In doing so, we are keen to bring to you relevant and informative articles through our blogs and newsletter, The Thistleblower, so if there are any topics you would like us to draw light on do contact us at