Here at Mackenzie Smith, our dedicated team are what really sets us apart. If you’ve done business with us before, you’ll know how hard we work both as individuals and as a team to collectively ensure that our reputation precedes us and to which our Trustpilot reviews are testament.

Jayne Johnson Letting Agent 171014 430ZWith that in mind, we thought it was high time to shine the spotlight on the individual members of our team and this week we’re introducing Jayne Johnson, our Senior Lettings Negotiator based with our Lettings team from our Fleet branch.

Jayne joined the Mackenzie Smith Lettings team four years ago this June, but initially started out her career working with a different aspect of the housing industry. “I’ve been in the Lettings industry for 8 years, but previously worked for a mortgage and life insurance company which I left to become a letting agent. In 2008 I took a break from the industry for a number of reasons, the recession was certainly a contributing factor, but my current agency was also experiencing a takeover from a large overseas company, so I took the opportunity for a change. During my leave from the industry I managed a range of pubs, which may seem a complete career change, however as a sociable role there were also many aspects which overlap with those required to be a successful agent; a professional approach and strong customer focus in particular.”

Of course Jayne re-joined the industry shortly after, but what was it that made her want to join the industry in the first place? “When I was working in a big office doing mortgage and life insurance, it felt quite confined, the business was extremely restricted and I wanted the opportunity for professional growth. There weren’t many opportunities beyond a team leader with unrealistic targets and unattainable goals. When I came across an advert for a junior negotiator position, I jumped at the chance.”

Having joined Mackenzie Smith from an experienced Lettings background, it was the service and customer approach that led Jayne to applying for a role with us. “I was working for a well-known corporate company in Guildford and was becoming increasingly concerned with a lot of aspects of their business, most importantly how landlords and tenants were being treated, there was no service at all, it was just about income and hitting targets, rather than the quality of work. I realised I couldn’t continue to work this way, and had lost sight of what was important in this industry; good service. I wanted to work somewhere that promoted a positive, customer focused ethos who was reputable for all the right reasons. I realised in my first interview with MD Ed Mackenzie Smith that following my research, this was the right company. The majority of the staff here have been here for a long time, there’s no revolving of junior staff, we enjoy our jobs and there’s actual passion here, something which seems to be a rarity.”

JJ - TP footerWith such a focus on customer service, it’s no surprise that Jayne’s favourite aspect of the job is the feedback, “It gives me real satisfaction when you’ve been able to help someone and in return they go out of their way to offer a Trustpilot review of the service. The positivity is both rewarding and contagious.”

The customer service aspect resonates deeply with Jayne, who’s most memorable moment in the business dates back to August 2014, “I showed an elderly couple around a new build apartment at Queensgate in Farnborough, they had sold their family home and were waiting on a new retirement complex in Yateley to complete. let by 2This meant they were only likely to rent with us for 6 months at the most. At the end of January 2016 they finally got the keys to their new retirement home, whilst they were tenants of mine I visited them regularly and popped in for a cuppa and a slice of cake. I’ve since visited them in their new apartment and visited their retirement restaurant for dinner. I still keep in touch with them and really miss having them as tenants. These experiences really make the job worthwhile, we get to connect with so many people on a daily basis and it’s great when these relationships last.”

As Jayne has worked in the area for many years, she has expert knowledge on the right locations for the right tenants. “It’s a great county to work in, each area is so unique and diverse. I’ve also lived in Farnborough so know the area very well. I love seeing new developments going up, there’s a lot of much needed housing being built, and it’s great to be a part of.”

Lettings is a fairly demanding role, due to the ongoing needs of tenants once they have moved into a premises. When Jayne isn’t assisting tenants and landlords, she enjoys walking and visiting her family in Dorset where she can head to the seaside. She has also recently gotten back into horse riding which offers an exhilarating countryside hobby, ideal on a nice sunny day.

If you’d like to speak to Jayne and our team Lettings team regarding a home you would like to let or perhaps to find your next rental, or would like any information regarding our services, please contact the Lettings Department on (01252) 514000 or e-mail