Every other week we shine the spotlight on a different member within our team. As we are focusing on our Land Department over the next week or so, this seemed the perfect opportunity to introduce our newest recruit, Gary Tetlow.

garyYou may be thinking you’ve heard that name before, you’d be right. Not only has Gary previously worked with Mackenzie Smith, he also shares the name with our Sales Director, Steve Tetlow, his brother.

Gary hasn’t always worked within the Land Department, or even the world of property, however that is where he started out his professional life.

As a junior negotiator for Carson and Co in 1982, Gary has seen the property and land market through many years of changes. From Carsons he joined Vickery, which is where Gary was first introduced to the land and new homes aspect of the business. Working in the land and new homes department, Gary gained years of experience within the area, before joining our Basingstoke branch. Unfortunately his time with Mackenzie Smith was during a particularly rocky period within the industry, and unfortunately the downturn in the market led Gary to pastures new, lending his expertise to Orchard Estate Agents in Camberley as the Land Manager. Unfortunately for Gary, the dip in the market forced his hand again, noticing this ongoing turbulence he left the land and property industry for a break, going on to become a gas engineer for 7 years, if you’re going to do something different, you might as well try your hand at something completely new!

Regus Ancells Business Park FleetIn addition to being a qualified gas engineer, Gary has also spent some time as an IT recruitment consultant and managed his own domestic cleaning company. A man of many talents, Gary has returned to the field he knows and loves, bringing his wealth of expertise to our successful Land Department based out of Ancells House, Fleet.

Having worked in various agency roles, and climbed the ladder in the Land Department of previous employers, he comments on what first drew him to the land side of the business, “I’d worked as an agent for 18 years or so, and became interested in how planning is achieved and why houses are built in the manner and style that they are. In essence, I wanted to expand my knowledge of how the whole ‘house’ process worked, quite literally from the ground up.” Gary has dealt with many planning applications and new homes sites over the years for both large and small developers, his favourite aspect being the fact that he can literally create an opportunity that could provide a life changing sum of money to the owner.  So it is no surprise that his most memorable moment in a professional capacity draws further on this, taking place when he was acting on behalf of a developer, “I sold an entire block of apartments to a client in one transaction, to this day the developer still says it’s the best day they’ve ever had.”

Gary has clearly been drawn to the Land Development aspect of this business for some time, but what made him return to Mackenzie Smith after all these years?

hand and map“There are two reasons. Firstly, I admire the initial preparation of the land opportunity that Mackenzie Smith presents to a developer, it is so much more enhanced than the usual approach of  “here is a piece of land, what can you do with it”, it’s so much more involved, which in itself presents daily challenges but a much greater reward. Secondly, the quality and professionalism of my colleagues, both within the Land Department and across our offices, they have a genuine belief in doing the right thing by the client.”

Having always worked and lived within the area, Gary is certainly no stranger to Hart District and truly appreciates the variety of landscape on offer “there are busy towns and there is also countryside, there’s good links to the coast and also London. It’s pretty much the perfect location, and ideal from a Land Development perspective.”

When Gary isn’t managing the sale or purchase of land, you’ll either find him on a badminton court, a mountain bike or in front of the oven, with three children aged 8-22 he has more than enough to keep him busy.

If you’d like to speak to Gary and our Land Department about a plot of land you might wish to discuss, or would like more information regarding our services, please contact the Land Department on 01252 762007 or e-mail land@mackenziesmith.co.uk.