Here at Mackenzie Smith, our dedicated team are what really sets us apart. If you’ve done business with us before, you’ll know how hard we work both as individuals and as a team to collectively ensure that our reputation precedes us and to which our Trustpilot reviews are testament.

Andy-imageWith that in mind, we thought it was high time to shine the spotlight on our passionate representatives. This week we’re pleased to introduce you to Andrew Fagg, our dedicated mortgage advisor from Davenport Financial.

Andrew first started working alongside Mackenzie Smith just over 22 years ago, imparting his wisdom and mortgage know-how to all Mackenzie Smith clients.

Andy works independently of Mackenzie Smith as an FCA qualified mortgage advisor with Davenport Financial, however he is completely exclusive to us. He is in a great position to offer his and our clients some impartial advice to allow an understanding of the mortgages accessible to each individual.

Having previously worked at NatWest, it was a previous colleague from his Halifax days who actually introduced Andy to Mackenzie Smith, the brother of our MD. He was so convinced it was the right path for Andy that he put on the persuasion front, to which Andy finally succumbed and left a comfortable job at NatWest for a somewhat risky move to the unknown… but he has never looked back.

“I like helping people, especially when they have a perception that what they are trying to do isn’t possible. That’s the reason I got into Mortgage Advice really, the idea of helping people to achieve their dream of owning a home has, and will continue to be, a real motivation for me. What’s great about this job is that not only do I get to help people onto the housing ladder, but each time they look to move, they come back. I get to see each progression and assist every move. This is made even greater by living in the area I work in, you get a real sense of community.”

For a more detailed analysis of your financial situation and expert mortgage advice why not give our representative Andrew Fagg a call on 07720 353866; or email: