The importance of good quality photos

March 29, 2022

When it comes to selling your home, first impressions count. Long gone are the days when a buyer would only see a newspaper ad with one photo and a brief description of the property. Now the modern buyer has access to a huge range of houses at the click of a button and the first “viewing” is more than likely going to be online. Whether this first impression is successful or not ultimately boils down to two key features: great photography and stylish presentation.

If your photos are beautiful and display everything that makes your home valuable and desirable you are more likely to get the price that your property is worth, and quicker. Great photos attract buyers to come and see it in person, which brings them much closer to buying it!

The photographer might be a genius, but they can only work with what you give them. So before the cameraman comes, make your home look as attractive as possible.

When presenting your home to the market there are a lot of aspects to consider, so we’ve rounded up eight tips and tricks to advertise your home in the best way.

1. De-clutter

You want a calm, well-ordered environment for prospective buyers to be in so start with a good clear out and pack away everything else that is unessential. You want buyers to view your property without any distractions. Remember when clearing unused items out, see if you can sell them on a second-hand marketplace or give them to charity!

2. Deep clean

Once you’ve sold, donated, or packed away unwanted items give the entire property a thorough clean through. We’re not just talking about clearing away the dirty dishes and emptying the bin, but use this opportunity to give every room a good scrub. Cleanliness and tidiness shouldn’t be underestimated. Suggestion: a cleaner can cost £30 per hour but could add thousands to your valuation.

3. Define your rooms

You want the buyer to envisage using each room for its intended purpose. For instance, don’t use your dining room as a makeshift gym or your study as a collective dumping ground. If the rooms aren’t defined then the buyer might see it as unusable space, or worse may assume it’s too small for its primary function.

4. Lighten up

We’re not telling you to cheer up here but to make your space feel as airy and bright as possible. Make sure curtains and blinds are letting in natural light. If you have any overgrown trees or bushes covering the windows, then cut them back to maximise sunlight getting in. A small tip for hallways is to hang a mirror at the darker end to give the illusion of more space and brightness.

5. Think about the small things

This could be as simple as getting some nice candles and fresh flowers to have around the house. If a viewing is in the evening or on a grey day, turn the lamps on in rooms to give it a cosier feel. If you have time, set the scene in different rooms – for instance lay the table as if people were coming for dinner and make the beds perfectly with throws and cushions as if someone was staying. Another important factor is to get those ‘little jobs’ all done, for instance, lightbulbs that need replacing or any loose screws and fittings that need tightening up.

6. De-personalise

We understand you’re still living there but start to take your own personal items down. This could be minimising the number of family photos you have around the house, taking down the shopping list from the fridge or hiding the children’s toys. Removing the personal effects helps buyers imagine themselves living in your home.

7. Kerbside appeal

As the buyer pulls up outside, what do you want them to see? Take some time to make the property look as appealing from the outside as the inside. Simple things like de-weeding the driveway, mowing the front lawn or putting the bins out of view could all help. If you want to really make a good first impression, try adding some hanging baskets or putting a fresh coat of paint on the front door. It will give the buyers that extra wow factor when they first arrive.

8. We know you love your pets but…

Evidence of a pet heavy home might put potential buyers off. Put things like pet bowls, beds, toys and cages as out of sight as possible. It would be a good idea to see if a friend or neighbour could have the pet whilst the viewing is taking place, especially if you’ve got an over-enthusiastic dog. At best a pet could distract the buyer but at worst you could end up scaring them off entirely.

These little tips will allow your photos to be high quality and will make your home more attractive to viewers. This allows you to sell your property for the right price and in the quickest amount of time, ultimately giving you a slightly less stressful selling experience.

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