Hampshire and Surrey can proudly boast some of the best schools in England, but being the best is not just about good results with parents also asked how happy their children were at school. A recent survey conducted by Families UK revealed that three of the happiest schools are actually local; Fleet’s Crookham C of E Infant School, Hook’s  Dogmersfield C of E Primary School and Buryfields Infant School

Crookham C of E Infant School

A whopping 93% of Crookham CE Infant School’s parents strongly affirmed that their children were happy.
Perhaps it is not surprising when they have repeatedly performed well in Ofsted reports, with End of Key Stage 1 results exceeding the expected national average – which were impressively over 10% higher in Reading and Mathematics.

But of course, it is not just good results that make children happy! Amongst the school’s missions is their aim to “make learning irresistible to all learners”. The school’s religious and independent support of their children could well be the key to their contentment. They demonstrate strong, positive Christian values with a balanced attitude, aiming “to support the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of all our learners as members of ‘Team Crookham’”,yet also value “each child as a unique individual”. The children enjoy regular visits to their nearby Church, participating in festive occasions.

Demonstrating a modern way of thinking, the school utilize an interactive online web resource offered to parents who can find out what their children have been learning, in relation to their own personal care. Parental support links are also provided to help parents support their child with homework!

Friends of Crookham Infant School (FOCIS) presents a hub of community spirit in the form of a talented PTA organisation which freely invites parents to join. Previous fundraisers have provided significant financial support, helping to invest in new outdoor equipment for the Year R and Year 1 outside areas, the refurbishment of the Year R/Year 1 classrooms, the school library and the children’s kitchen.

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Buryfields Infant School, Odiham

Receiving an impressive 92% of parent votes indicating a strong belief their children were happy at school was Buryfields Infants. Perhaps the school’s positive attitude towards their pupils is infectious. Headteacher Lauren English describes her pupils as a “delight”;

“..you could not wish to meet a more co-operative, respectful and kind bunch of children! They are joyfully enthusiastic learners, who show a willingness to try new things and take risks, demonstrating our core teaching values of resilience, perseverance and a healthy attitude towards making mistakes.”

Described by Ofsted in February this year as having “a rich, wide-ranging and exciting’ curriculum, with their English and Maths levels also above national averages, the school recently received an Artsmark Gold Award from the Arts Council England, evidence of their extraordinary accomplishments in the Arts. The Art award was for their STEAM projects, which in November, involved a visit from The Point Theatre based in Eastleigh. Through various workshops, the children were taken on a journey through the enchanted forest as well as other magical tales, their imaginations so stimulated it led to some exciting creative writing.

Not only in pursuit of positive self-image, respect for others and academic achievement, the school also provides pupils with a wide range of activities and clubs to choose from; tag rugby, yoga, street dance, football, French, athletics, sewing, art, cookery and the school choir, which had the novelty of performing at the Odiham Extravaganza in November. Also, a strong governing body includes a PTA Group arranging fundraisers that provide theatre visits, audiovisual equipment and exciting grounds projects, helping provide the children with what they need, as well as even more stimulating activities.

The children and teachers will be holding a Rudolph Run in December and parents are invited to watch, so we imagine that this is a prime example of the spirit of fun that drives this fabulous school!
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Dogmersfield C of E Primary School

Dogmersfield C of E Primary School received votes from a striking 91% of parents, all affirming strongly that their children were happy at the school. Could it be the accomplishment of their mission to enable learning through love, courage and respect, that makes the pupils happy at Dogmersfield C of E Primary School? Their positive Christian values? Or maybe it is the enduring belief that all children should achieve their dreams, as Headteacher Dot Patton beautifully elaborates;

“..every child should have a dream; that dream should be believed in and that every child can achieve what they set out to do…”
The school employs an inspiring strategy called the “Mantle of the Expert” where children are part of a fictional team commissioned by a client in order to perform responsible roles, learning about genuine adult jobs within the safety of the school environment. This gives the children a fascinating insight into what they can expect in real life and provides meaning to the subjects they study. Examples of the roles performed include a class running their own bake sale, whilst another wrote and sold their own school newspaper, with both raising money for a sponsored child.

Exercise is well-known to boost the mood, so a vast sporting and club curriculum could also be responsible for the happiness of the children, with netball, football, choir, multisports, golf, a create club, the ironically named Drama group “Stage Fright”, judo and Dance Busters. Some of us might indeed collapse in exhaustion after running a mile, but surprisingly the children of this school do it every day. Their Daily mile involves running or walking a mile around the field and seems to be fun for everyone!

We all know that pets are good for our health and it seems they could well be good for happiness too. The children adore a pet tortoise called Shelby, as well as a pet dog called Dylan and happily learn responsibility by looking after them.

The Dogmersfield School Association automatically registers parents and guardians, enabling them to help organise fundraising events, including school discos, fayres, a quiz night, bingo night as well as other events. The association clearly has considerable success, having remarkably funded the purchase of 16 new iPads last year!

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