At the end of January, the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) announced that mandatory five-year electrical installation checks on private rented housing in England will be introduced in a phased approach. Whilst they are yet to confirm the date that this will come into force, the Ministry has advised that it will… Read More

You may, or may not, be aware of the changes coming into place regarding data protection. The legislation that has governed how businesses and organisations process data is having an overdue upgrade, with the introduction of GDPR. GDPR is officially implemented on May 25th, ultimately meaning that as an individual, you’re provided with more assurance… Read More

It’s not long until the new energy efficiency rules for tenanted properties come into place, which could affect over one million properties across the UK. To understand the implications and necessary preparations, we held a quick Q&A with our Lettings Manager, Michael Clarke.   So, when do the new energy performance ratings come into force?… Read More

New legislation came into play yesterday (April 6th), providing local authorities with the power to crack down on rogue landlords, which will allow them to fine a landlord up to £30,000 for failure to comply with a housing improvement or overcrowding notice, failure to have the correct licence for a property and failure to comply with the Houses… Read More

The rental market is being rocked by stormy seas with changes in legislation and international economic factors all causing turbulent waters but as long as landlords and tenants remain sensible and allow common sense to prevail, the rental market will remain buoyant. Looking at the market from a landlord’s point of view, there is no… Read More

How times change – and I have to say, largely for the better. When I first started in estate agency in 1987, it was a very different place and over the years, increasing advances in technology have hugely improved every aspect of property sales and lettings. Back then of course we had no mobile phones, email ,… Read More

As a responsible Lettings Agent, we ensure that our Landlords are kept fully up to date and are aware of new Government Legislation. This month sees the implementation of steps to improve energy efficiency ratings of property within the private rental sector.  With effect from the 1st April 2016, tenants have the right to request… Read More

You may have seen coverage in the press recently about the new Right to Rent legislation, which is due to be officially implemented on 1st February 2016.  As a tenant, you may be wondering if this a difficult or costly procedure and as a landlord, you may have concerns about whether this is as another time consuming administrative task.  This is where… Read More