Reflecting Back and then Looking Forward…

Whilst it was predicted in some quarters that this year would see a decline in house prices, that might have been the case in some parts of the country but here in North Hampshire and particularly within Hartley Wintney and the surrounding villages we have experienced quite the opposite. Some might suggest that this is… Read More

The importance of planning ahead could never have been better highlighted than by the recent Diamond Jubilee celebrations and equally the forthcoming Olympics. Whilst it is quite clear that both these major events have been planned for some years ahead, here at Mackenzie Smith we have spent the last 20 years responding to the needs… Read More

Nickey Stokes our prize winner has been enjoying his iPad We are pleased to announce the winner of the iPad prize was Nicky Stokes from the Farnborough area, whose name was picked out of a hat in December and has now been enjoying his iPad for almost a month. During 2011 we carried out some… Read More