Spring into action this March

March 12, 2023

March is an extremely popular time to move home, but why is it such a good time to sell?

As the frosty weather subsides and the blue skies of spring are on the way, many people decide that now is the time to move. Beautiful sunny summer days are coming and with them, the allure of new gardens – near the top of the list for many buyers.

An exciting time to be selling and buying a home, March comes with an impressive number of properties listed on the market. Recent years have shown March is usually the busiest for property enquiries, with competition in April and May running strong.

Valuations are now up by nearly a third compared to this time last year, with properties added to the market also increasing. We are also seeing huge buyer demand, and what’s more, it’s still growing! 

Perhaps what’s most surprising is that the increase in properties for sale actually comes with an advantage for selling your own home. Market activity is so high and demand so strong, that this is a fantastic time to sell.

Great asking prices can be achieved at this time of year. Such a huge number of buyers on the market makes for highly competitive bidding over properties.

In such a lively, fast working market, it pays to be in a powerful selling position. Your best move is to hit the ground running. Sellers’ favourite  buyers are those who have their finances ready.

Cash buyers, buyers who have sold their property, and those with a property on the market are high in the running. First-time buyers do well to confirm mortgage details in advance, and in having proof of deposit funds to hand.

So for the best chance of getting your dream home, it’s time to spring into action!

If you would like advice about selling your home, please contact your local branch. For more details, click here.

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