With the clocks springing forward this weekend, it’s time to push ahead with your home sale during this peak season.

Spring has long been the choice time to sell and buy homes, which also neatly coincides with a popular time for a bit of gardening and spring cleaning. When selling a home it is important that we can present it at its very best. Whilst we will always endeavour to take the best photographs at optimum times, there are a few easy steps that could help to show your house off in the best light, putting you in the best position for a home sale this spring.


garden 1These are the best months to not only enjoy your garden again after months of winter weather, but also prepare it for the summer months ahead. It’s a great time to plant any seeds or bulbs that you might have been saving with the warmer months removing any danger of frostbite for fledgling plants. With regards to presenting your home for sale, a little bit of gardening goes a long way; mow the lawn to create a neat appearance, remove any weeds, trim back any over grown hedges. Essentially, you’d look to tidy up the garden the same way you would for internal viewings. A hanging basket might be a nice idea to add a little extra kerb appeal, and the best part is you can take it with you when you move.


In addition to tidying up the garden, it’s also a great time to make sure that the storms of winter haven’t left any guttering full of leaves, or fence panels looking a little worse for wear. Remove dead leaves and dirt where possible. If you have access to a pressure washer, it would be good to freshen up any patio or walkways, if not, a bit of old fashioned bleach and elbow grease will do the job just fine and give the grounds a much fresher and cleaner appearance.

The front door

front doorWalking into the home, the front door is one of the first impressions a potential buyer will have. It is worth polishing up any door furniture, or possibly replacing at a small cost to create a lasting impression. A lick of paint would also go a long way if you have a wooden door, alternatively for uPVC doors, a good clean up would do the trick. If you have copper or brass door handles, letterboxes etc, one old wives tale is to clean using tomato ketchup; simply coat the area you need to clean, leave for at least 30 minutes and clean off, using a toothbrush for areas that might be hard to get to. I recently tried this and it turned out a success!


A sunny weekend provides the perfect opportunity to spruce up any outdoor paintwork that might be looking a little weathered. Any doors, gates, fences and window frames will be noticed by a potential buyer, so try walking through your home as someone viewing to see what you spot. It might be worth touching up any dirt marks etc on internal walls while you have the paintbrush out, it doesn’t have to be an arduous task.

A bit of fresh air

Selling in the winter months, it’s always important to make sure the home is well heated to seem appealing, in the spring and summer months, it’s equally important to let some air into the home. Open the windows when possible to air the home out, especially if you have pets or smokers. If the weather doesn’t allow for this, invest in a diffuser or similar item to create a welcoming, fresh ambience. A bunch of daffodils, available for £1 when you do your weekly shop would also bring colour and a fresh approach to a room and could be a great addition for viewings.

Spring cleaning

spring cleanIt’s a bit of an obvious one, but a good tidy and clean will go a long way. Try to minimise any clutter, even if it means temporarily storing in cupboards during a viewing day. A good dust, hoover and clean will show off your flooring choices, kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces at their finest. It’s also a good idea to clean the windows, a sunny day will show up any dirt, where a clean window is going to reflect the efforts you’ve put in throughout the rest of the house.



A bathroom is an important room for any potential buyer. In addition to cleaning, it could be worth a morning of re-grouting and putting down some new silicon to touch up any areas that might be looking a little worse for wear. If you’re not confident in the re-application, 1 cup of water to 3 cups of baking soda works wonders to clean any discolouring.  It’s also worth cleaning any shower screens etc to remove any watermarks. The bathrooms with the least clutter always look the most appealing, so if you are able to box up any items such as toothbrushes, soaps, shampoos etc unless they can be neatly arranged, this will help for the best photos and impression. Remove any towels that don’t match the style or desired appearance of your home, we have known vendors to purchase some “show home” towels inexpensively to be used for display purposes and for guests once they’ve moved.


kitchen springIn addition to the bathroom, the kitchen will also be a big decision maker for any potential buyer. It’s important to show exactly what your home has to offer. When viewing a property, the last thing people want to see is dishes on the side and similar items. For this room it is 100% worth putting unnecessary items away, this will help to maximise the worktop space available. Ensure all surfaces are clean, including hobs and sinks, one tiny off-putting detail can easily stick in the mind of someone viewing, especially if they’re particular with cleanliness.

Hopefully these simple steps will help to keep you busy at the weekend and present your home in the most appealing way, encouraging buyers to act fast. If you’d like to sell your home this spring, contact your local branch who will be happy to offer some informal advice or arrange a free valuation of your home at your convenience.

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