spring cleanWith the bank holidays on the horizon, and the sunnier weather bringing a fresh sense of energy and enthusiasm, it’s the perfect time for a spring clean.

Whether you rent or own, your home is your space to call your own, when it comes to selling or checking out a property, it is important that you’ve kept the house in good order.

We spoke to ‘It’s a breeze cleaning’ who offered their top tips for a successful spring clean.


“Before you start, put some music on and open the windows. Fresh air will always help to lift a room and the music can help you really get into the swing of it. Even on a cold, wet day, when you are spring cleaning, turn the heating off and get the windows open. You won’t feel the cold while you are busy, but it blows the cobwebs away and offers the chance of getting some fresh air through the home. You also need to start by tidying and de-cluttering, you can’t clean around mess.”

The right tools for the job

toothbrush“Simple tools like old toothbrushes are fantastic to get around taps etc. Bicarbonate of soda in the fridge will keep the fridge smelling fresh. Bleach is the best tool for toilets, but if you’re a cat owner keep the lid down, as cats can often drink out of toilets.”

“The best tool I have for cleaning is my steamer. It’s a hand held device that reaches high temperatures but only uses water so is completely environmentally friendly. It’s fantastic for lime scale on sinks and can even make them look brand new. It removes discolouring from grouting on tiles, is great for cooker hoods and hobs and is ideal for floors. I would never be without it.”

The finer details

“When cleaning, make sure you get through to the corners using an extended hoover. You should also always look up, cobwebs in the ceilings can be reached with a hoover or a long handled duster. You should also consider your curtains, these will pick up household odours and dust, you could hoover these or alternatively take them to the cleaners every now and again. If you have netting on your windows, you should remember to wash these occasionally too.”

Know what you have

clean“A tidy cupboard is a tidy mind. A spring clean offers the best opportunity to go through your drawers and take any items that are not used to the charity shop. It’s worth having a look through the bathroom cabinets and having a good clear out there too, keeping in mind of how long something might have hidden at the back. Take a moment to go through the food cupboards, removing anything that is out of date and reshuffling so you know what you have, perhaps creating a menu for the week ahead to use any older goods. This will not only free up space but will stop you over-buying items that you already have.”

Finishing touches

flowers“When you have done the spring clean, it’s the ideal time to invest in some new house plants; an orchid or some fresh cut flowers will reflect how fresh your home is. Don’t over-do the air fresheners as they can hide smells and can get stale, an alternative would be potted herbs which add a lovely scent to a kitchen, mint will also keep flies away.”

Rinse and repeat

“Once you’ve done a spring clean, choose one room a month to deep clean and do a rota for your rooms, that way you continually have a house that looks welcoming.”


Thanks to Louise at ‘It’s a breeze cleaning’ for her top tips that will hopefully give a bit of motivation and advice for your spring clean, however, if you’d rather leave it to the experts you can contact ‘It’s a breeze’ on 07584 124259.